Nothing less than perfect

There are times when you get on a train that once at destination,  seemingly only had one purpose: to be a perfect ride. Yesterday was such an evening. It did indeed start out with boarding a train, a train that I almost didn’t make, a train I therefore got on without having had time to buy a ticket. A train I had to catch, if I wanted to arrive in time for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) gala premiere of “Love and other impossible pursuits”.

I made it to downtown with the ‘fare dodger’-Gods keeping a watchful eye on me (Thank You), happy that I would now get to be in the front of the line queuing to see Don Roos’ new creation. It being my first TIFF experience,I am still in the learning stages of how to ‘festival’. After almost fainting in the movie theater the night before, after not having eaten enough during the day and then standing in a line in a packed but not air-conditioned corridor, yesterday I had no choice but to stop at Subway’s and buy me a sandwich combo. Now, ‘stop’ should have meant ‘pop in and out’, after all, queuing at Roy Thompson Hall is way more exciting than standing behind a dozen people who seemingly have never had a Sub in their life and don’t understand that there is no immediate death sentence if you don’t make the perfect selection of first the bread, then the type of sandwich, whether grilled or not, then toppings and last, heavens, the sauce! Get a grip people, I’ve got places to go!!!

I eventually got my Sub and rushed to the spot where I was supposed to meet my friends, which was, you guessed it, the line for the movie, praying for the line to still be short. Some prayers do get answered. As I turned the corner, there was……. no one. I didn’t have time to celebrate the ‘yippee, first in line’-enthusiasm, for it just seemed a little too odd. I texted a friend, still not clueing in.

I did eventually. About 1 minute later. The reply text read: “I’ll be there at 7”.
I was a full 2 hours early! Well, that’s how the calculation went before my friends got there. Once they did, I clued in that the movie wasn’t due to start before 9.30pm. So, in actual fact, I was probably the most eager TIFFer there, lining up 2.5 hours before a movie starts, not for Rush tickets where it would have made some sense, no, with actual tickets for the movie.

I could have felt stupid. After all I had rushed so madly to get out of work, home, into the shower, changed and back, I almost had a heart attack. I even risked getting fined on the train. Fine, you got me, I did feel silly. But being a Spaz, these things have to make you laugh or else I would have had to jump from the roof a building years ago.


But, I had a great time. Because I was early, I got to
– meet a great other TIFFer and together with my friends have one of those 2 hour standing in line conversations that make the experience seem more like half an hour, and ending in an unexpected job offer
– change my balcony ticket to a mezzanine seat for free, which meant I was getting to sit just one box over from the director and partial cast of the movie
– jump out of line to go for coffees, which lead me past free promotional pizza (queuing makes hungry) and awarded me with two gift cards for more

And all that even before seeing the movie and and the stars! Talking about stars, stars are busy and so generally the Director and Producers show, with at least one lead actor. “Love and other impossible pursuits” however brought Director and Producer, Ayelet Waldman (writer), as well as Mona Lerche, Lisa Kudrow, Scott Cohen and Natalie Portman to the stage. The only one missing was great Charlie Tahan, a kid to watch out for.

I love movies, I will admit it. I have spent probably close to 10,000 hours watching movies. But it is rare that I find one, where absolutely nothing bugs me, a movie with no
– poorly written line
– cheese (emotions are good, but keep it real)
– awkward scenes
– dragging
– acting that seems like ‘just’ that
– annoying camera work
– predictable moments and worst:
– screwed up ending.

“Love and other impossible pursuits” was perfect, down to the title. It was an authentic depiction of the complexities of life. As my friend said after, almost in desperation: “I didn’t know who to hate!”

Exactly. Because Life is not that simple. It can be. But as “Love and other impossible pursuits” demonstrates, you’d be missing out of a whole – challenging but in the end oddly beautiful – lot.

And so, don’t fret if things don’t start out perfect, seem impossible, or if what you really want isn’t a choice to be had. Cause you just never know what is around the corner. And maybe, just maybe, you still end up first in line.

Like I did yesterday.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on September 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Nothing less than perfect”

  1. you’re SO lucky — i LOVE toronto

    Welcome and thanks for leaving your note. Yes, Toronto definitely has it’s moments and character. TIFF brings out the one of it’s best side.

  2. sounds like you had an adventure. adventures are always fun.

    Yes, an adventure it was. Need more of them.

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