He is baaaaaaaack!!!!!

5.15am and the alarm rips me from my sleep. My new morning routine isn’t habit yet, which means I am actually still asleep when the beeping starts. I roll over, slap my hand onto the disturber, and knowing that I have my cell alarm set for 5.45am, collapse back onto my mattress.

But the mind also got the wake up call. And so the internal dialogue of what I could get done, if I got up, starts. I open my eyes and look outside into the dark night sky. Still rather sleepy, I see a set of three stars perfectly aligned. They start to register in my head…… ‘just like….. na….. it’s too early…… couldn’t be….. but still….. maybe…’

I turn my head a little to give me a wider angle, and there I see him, in full, magestic beauty watching over my sleep.

Orion. Is. Back.

With full vengeance and as he jerks me to my feet, I can’t hide my excitement at an old, old friend returning. Yesterday I prayed for one, and I got two. This morning there’s a third. Tears of Gratitude roll down my cheeks.

‘Summer is coming to an end’ rushes through my mind but vanishes quickly. Instead I say:
“I can’t believe you are here already. I remember being a little sad seeing you hardly rise above the night’s horizon, knowing you wouldn’t rise again for many moons. It seems like yesterday. I missed you.  I am so glad to have you back, the timing is perfect. So much has happened while you were gone. The path was difficult and often lonely. But I got here, and now for the next 6 months, I’ll have you to walk beside me. Thank you.”

I think of other friends who will appreciate Orion’s return. And I think of friends who may discover him for the first time. Then I expand my circle of awareness out further, further than ‘friends’.

“Orion is back”, I whisper gently as I share the news.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on August 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “He is baaaaaaaack!!!!!”

  1. ah, orion. also called the hunter, right?
    glad you are star-gazing. something i should do more often…

    Or moon gazing. Full moon tonight. Beautiful.

  2. Love him too – han s’glich dänkt vor churzem 🙂 Hey wänn lütisch wiederemal ah? Git so einigi News, au trurigi. Am Walter sin Vater isch gstorbe, letscht Wuche isch d’Beerdigung gsi. Es isch furchtbar. Chan di leider nöd erreiche… Hoffe Dir gahts guet.

    Han Dir es e-mail gschribe, versueches glii….. azluete, das isch.

  3. Finally, I see someone who feels the same as I do about my old friend Orion.
    I know it may sound strange to some, but I feel a….bond…or some kind of connection with him.
    Now, I know it is just a constellation to some, but for some reason, for my entire life, it means much more than that.
    Like you said, it is very exciting.

  4. I was deligted as well the other week when I saw him on the horizon of the evening sky. I live in Portland, Oregon – he is about 20 degrees up on the South-East at 8:00pm. Thanks for including the photo and I’m glad to hear others are excited.

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