With eyes closed


You don’t need to lay your ears on the ground
Nor let your hand glide over the brown earth
to feel life’s heartbeat beat within you.
Just close your eyes and listen,
Without expectation, without need
Just quietly as if there is only this one thing to do
Until the chains of time crumble to dust and
Are picked up by the winds and forever dispersed,
Leaving a burning sun to rise within you
Flooding your body with the brightest light.




~ by spasmicallyperfect on April 5, 2009.

20 Responses to “With eyes closed”

  1. you were gone less than a month… welcome back, nice to see you again.

  2. yum, beautiful poem spaz…and what a nice surprise to see you back!

  3. good to see you, ms spaaaaaz.
    this made my stomach turn a flip. it made me nervous. warm. i liked that feeling.

  4. sigh … so beautiful!

  5. A very touching poem.
    Glad to see/read you again.

  6. I closed my eyes after reading your words… so peaceful and light… poignant and meaningful… kudos

  7. Hey Suz-
    “Just close your eyes and listen,”

    have you seen “‘What Dreams May Come”? (Robin Williams)
    Rent it tonight. Or tomorrow night.
    just rent it.
    From an artist’s point of view it’s amazing.
    From a writer’s POV it’s inspiring.
    From a spouses point of view, it’s necessary.
    in a way, this post subtly reminded me of it.
    How are you?
    I pray you and B are well.

  8. Glad to see you back, if even only for a moment. Your friend is right about the movie. It covers so much and does it so beautifully. Most of all it is about redemption, but then, so is your poem. Thanks,


  9. Hi Spaz,
    Ive missed your cool meadow breezy words, the ones that calm and enlighten. I’m closing my eyes now.

  10. Hey, schön Dich (wenigschtens) da z’ghöre 😉 Dänk viel a Dich. Meld’ Dich, wennd Luscht häsch, aber nöd under Druck, gäll. Das wär s’letschte woni möcht. Aber villicht gits ja doch no öppis usztusche, au wänn mer eus so sälte gsehnd und ghöred? Irgendwie chanis nöd eifach so ga lah und als Jugenderinnerig abtue… min Fähler.
    Liebi Grüess us good old Switzerland

    • Chan mich echt noed erinnere oeb ich dae comment gseh and und eb das bevor eusem gsproech gsi isch. Ich wetts au noed la ga lah, es wird wohl langsamer aber ussterbe soettis noed. Luete gli ah. Bis denn, ganz aen big hug a alli.

  11. I can see & feel as I listen –Stopped by to say “Hello!”

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