Strange turn of events


(photo @spasmicallyperfect)

I have been missing the sun. We’ve just had a fabulous long weekend of mostly blue skies and yet it somehow still didn’t feel like enough. The snow has mostly melted, what remains lies rather sad below a layer of street dirt, next to dead grass.

I think even more than the sun I miss the colours, the vibrancy that sidetracks one’s mind that would otherwise turn inward where it may get lost forever. Together with the skies, I was beginning to turn blue myself.

And so I turned to work, finally uploading my winter vacation pictures up on my photo blog. There I noticed an older shot about as busy in fiery colours as can be. I played the slide show and was left completely in awe of the Nature’s beauty. This is rather surprising, considering that a) I consider myself fully aware of mother earth’s miracles and b) I took those shots myself.

As I looked closely at each picture, I tried to remember what I saw through the lens. The subjects must have inspired me back then or else I would have walked on by and yet tonight they appeared more beautiful, more alluring than I recalled.

“You do have a gift to capture beauty”, one voice said.
“Nobody can ruin something as beautiful as that”, the other replied.

I decided not to get into that internal discussion but to replay the pictures again.

Bottom line, the pictures I took back then managed to deliver some of the colour I was missing today. And that, is all that matters.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Strange turn of events”

  1. ah, maple turns the most vibrant in the fall! glad the pictures cheered you up. spring will be here soon.

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