There is a place where neither heart nor mind has any jurisdiction and trying to rely on them is a battle with only one consequence: defeat. It is the place that filled with negative energy is shooting arrows which merely scrape the skin, waiting for the victim to surrender not to a major blow but to the realization that what is killing her isn’t anything more powerful than her but their own inability to pull herself out.

And all it takes is just one more step. Or lets call it action.

Before any action comes a decision to act. How can one act without a motivation to act? How does one act when no possible action makes any sense? How does one act when one finds oneself in front of a mountain that really isn’t more than a stray leaf on the ground?

By falling back on humility.

By accepting that a stray leaf can present itself as mountain. By accepting the shape and form of any obstacle, knowing that the lesson lies not in the obstacle itself but in how we deal with it.

No matter what everybody else thinks.
No matter what even we ourselves may think in that moment.

What use is there in lamenting any given situation? Energy is wasted judging what is not in our power to control, searching for meaning in what simply is.

Meaning is created from how we emerge,
from how we continue,
that we continue.




~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 11, 2009.

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