When beauty warms the cold

(all pictures @spasmicallyperfect)

Slept wonderfully through my first night in the ‘wilderness’, proof of that is waking up at 3.15am rested enough to be convinced it’s time to get up. I could attribute it to the fresh Muskoka air but then truly I do feel that the upgrade from a Queen to a King size bed is mostly responsible. What a difference! Can’t wait for a full week of what sleep truly is meant to be.

Finally jumped out of bed at 7am, beat the sunrise over the frozen lake and by 7.10am I already had each and every one of my camera lenses spread out on the dining room table. Tried to shoot through windows but I’ll have to redo it from outside the warming walls. Spaz, if you want the reward you better go an earn it! And who cares about frostbite, you weren’t a manicure type of gal to begin with.

copy-of-img_7267After a bacon and eggs breakfast (eggs taste so much better on vacation), B. and I dressed up in winter gear and wandered out onto the lake. Truthfully I was a bit nervous, back home there are clear signs when a lake is safe (frozen enough) to be walking on it, but I guess in Canada and especially Muskoka they’d never get enough sign supply. So while Hubby ventured out in front of me, my mind was spinning trying to remember what to do should he or I or both of us go crashing through the ice. Just the sort of thing that would happen to bloody tourists……..

copy-of-img_7258We survived. And since this wasn’t thrilling enough, Hubby decided that we should cave in, live on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the rest of the week and with the saved money rent a snow mobile. I was glad that one of us had to drive the car back, as I hadn’t expected this monster of a machine. I should have known that B. wouldn’t wait until tomorrow morning when I was fresh, awake and courageous enough to face a new day, even if it included sitting on a powered sled. Fine. I dressed up again, this time with a helmet and off we went.

Now, for anybody who ever decides that it would be better to rent a double seater over two one seaters, let me just warn you that this is only a good idea should you be in the driver seat. It is no problem speeding along at 60km/h if you see where you are going and know you have the power to slow down at any given moment. Those 60k feel ten times as fast when sitting in the back, holding on for dear life, and instead of seeing the trail ahead you just feel bumps indicating you’re about to iceroad rash yourself straight into Heaven. Not before yelling your lungs out, which really, you could have saved the energy as no matter what organ strength you thought you had, it is a mere whisper against two helmets, the motor and the wind.

Well, today apparently wasn’t the day we were meant to die (no worries, there are two more days of opportunity), and once I successfully threatened Hubby into taking it easy(er), it was actually fun. For about 30 minutes. After that the second option for leaving this earth on an snowmobile opened its doors: freezing to death.

copy-of-img_7255Back home at the cottage, I warmed up, then took my camera and ventured out on my own for an hour, discovering the landscape how God intended, on foot. This place is absolutely stunning, even if Nature has paled down its colouring, the subtle hints of blue, charcoal and gold, coated in fine diamond dust create a sanctuary for tired eyes. The late afternoon sun warmed my face as I sat on the snow covered dock, staring into the tranquil bay. And in that moment there was no season more beautiful than winter.copy-of-img_7270


~ by spasmicallyperfect on January 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “When beauty warms the cold”

  1. I feel like vacation too. What a wonderful winter landscape. I wish I cold go right now.

    Careful with those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Peanut products are poisoned with salmonella!

    Welcome and thank you and sorry for the late reply, not sure what happened! Didn’t hear about the peanut butter problem until we got back. Thanks for the warning!

  2. sounds like you are enjoying the cold and beautiful landscapes. funny snowmobile story. i think i would have to be in the driver seat myself…

    Not with me in the back 😉

  3. You have a way with words… Sounds like a wonderful vacation… my kind of trip… \

    Oops totally missed these comments or better responding to them. Oh G, you would have had a wonderful time.

  4. Oh, I learned my lesson several years ago….I’ll never, ever, ride behind my husband again on a snowmobile!
    Beautiful pictures!

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