Something to ponder

I met up with a colleague of mine at lunch yesterday. She was talking about cutting down to 40% so that she could focus on her business. One could not only see but feel the passion in her eyes.

When it was time to return to work I said: “Ok, back to your other passion”.
She responded: “No it isn’t”.
Somehow we got to talk about choice of view and that’s when she blurted out:
“The thing that I’ve noticed is that people usually choose between bad and worse rather than good and bad, or heaven forbid, good and incredible.
Yes, I choose to work here, but not because I love it, but because it is better than having no job and loosing the house.
Yes, I choose to be with this man, not because he’s the man of my dreams but he sure beats being alone or in an abusive relationship.
I think most people have settled into choosing bad over worse. And they get by talking themselves into that they have made this ‘better’ choice.”

There it was. That feeling of curious discomfort. Proof that I will have to ponder this a little further.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on January 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “Something to ponder”

  1. Between good and incredible. I like that. I wish more would seek the incredible. I wish I did.

    One thing I do know, you are between good and incredible! 🙂

  2. You and whoever reads this “something to ponder,” including myself. I know that is how I have made choices in the past, settling for something that wasn’t “worse.” Still do it on occasion, but more often now I make choices that I feel are best for me. Not because I’m settling for something, but because it will make me happy. Don’t know exactly when I started doing that, just very grateful I did.


    Thank you for sharing E. Yes, I too remember that I make decisions differently now compared to before. And you are right, it is a good thing.

  3. I too agree with this observation. I think generally humans are lazy by nature and complacent. No rocking the boat or else you have to deal with the unknown. Some of the best things I did in life was by taking risks. I, myself tend to cause lots of ruckus and wouldn’t trade my life for the world.

    Yes, I already had you in mind when putting this up. Hope all is well you trouble maker!

  4. Interesting post. I think we’ve all “settled” for something in the past, either from laziness, or perhaps from a sense that we somehow didn’t deserve better. I know I certainly “settled” for my first wife, as well as for my first career, and spent many unhappy years as a result.

    At some point, I finally said, “Fuck this”. Ditched wife, ditched career, and ultimately found my way to happiness. Now I make decisions based on what’s best with me, consistent of course with consideration for the needs of others. Somedays I think I’ll never figure out that balance……

    I once had a friend who told me that if you genuinely believe that good things will happen to you, then they will. I have tried to follow that philosophy, and I have to say that it’s worked pretty well for me most of the time. One smart friend you have there…… thanks for stopping by S., like always very much appreciated.


  5. This is very much like following the path of least resistance. It is also true that if you don’t make decisions for yourself the decisions will be made for you. What a sad passionless way to live.

    • Welcome Michelle and thank you for your words. Yes, although I believe that it is up to each and every person to figure out what a life filled with passion means to them, I for my part, had to go discover the difference. And there is a big one.

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