A morning moment captured on paper

It is not raining.
Although this may sound like a rather odd way to start a fresh day’s memoir, it does represent my current state of mind as I sit in solitude outside our business retreat, overlooking the gorgeous landscape. After all, according to the highly skilled meteorologists it was supposed to rain today. Not that they have forecasted a specific hour of arrival but the optimist that I am, I foresaw waking up to the heaven’s tears drum on the roof of my wooden hut which doubled as my haven for the night. Or at least having to wade through knee high mud on the way to breakfast which other than just tiresome would have caused my flashy lime green running shoes great distress. Ah the joys of an outdoor life (even if just for one day).

It isn’t quiet. As with every minute the sky turns paler, the distant sound of rush hour traffic and Go trains travels invisibly across the tree tops which are dressed in fashionable Indian summer. The birds’ wake up calls have ceased for the most part, the day now providing enough light to start the morning chores. Once in a while the hammering of a woodpecker can be heard. Even the leafs are silent as the wind refuses to inspire dancing. The air I breathe is fresh but without smell, the Fall season too advanced to allow this hour’s temperatures to carry the scented memory of the few wild flowers that are still in bloom.

There is a gentle tapping on my shoulders now. At last, just as I had predicted: rain.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on October 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “A morning moment captured on paper”

  1. I love this season. The beauty and the memory of beauty walk side by side.

    Seems we have something in common. 🙂

  2. Very nice, Spaz. You just gave me a moment of peaceful repose. I would love a little rain myself right now. Ahhhh.

    Geeesh, didn’t really notice how behind I was in answering comments…. very, very naughty! Glad you liked my rain voyage…..

  3. I feel your purpose… I feel your solitude… Peaceful and meaningful… you will find what it is you need

    Thanks for your kind words Enreal.

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