If I had known…..

When I sent Michael the e-mail announcing my visit to Boston, I knew a lot of things. I knew who I was going to meet, when I walked into the store where “Smoke and Mirrors” and “Murder of Ravens” work. After all, over 2 years of reading someone’s lines paint a pretty good picture, especially if they write with the integrity of the two gentlemen mentioned above.

I knew that spending an evening with them, introducing my husband who is not a blogger into the mix would work out fine, better than that, would be a pleasure. I knew that if there were surprises, they would be positive ones and I even knew what giving them both a real hug would feel like. The only thing I couldn’t anticipate is what their voices would sound like.

But there was one thing I didn’t consider. It’s that the path from the virtual world into the real world is a one-way street. There is no turning back from real world relationship into a virtual one. In other words, once you’ve hugged a person in real life, virtual hugs just fall short, once you’ve had a conversation in real life, virtual conversations are missing something.

Having left my family and friends behind when moving to North America, I knew that. No phone call, no e-mail or online chat feels as good as sitting opposite them, hearing their voices, seeing their shining eyes, feeling their hand on your arm as they share a funny story. But when I traveled to Boston and met up with Michael and Smith, I hadn’t yet turned any virtual friends into real world friends. Some part of me truly believed that I would have a great time meeting up with them and then go back to communicating via our blogs and e-mail like before.

Well, it isn’t ‘like before’. As I write them a quick update e-mail, I notice an unfamiliar feeling, at least unfamiliar for this relationship. I actually miss them. Where before I may have missed reading a touching story or a beautiful poem, I now miss their laughter, their ‘old married couple’-behaviour, their caring eyes, their sense of humour, the way they pronounce things, their gestures, …. them.

If I had known that I’d feel this way I would have never……..
Now that I know I feel this way, well I guess, better start saving………. 😉


~ by spasmicallyperfect on August 23, 2008.

7 Responses to “If I had known…..”

  1. You are correct, once you meet blogger buddies in the flesh, commenting on blogs no longer is enough.

    Welcome Brian,
    yes, I’m afraid I’ll have to get used to this. In the end it’s a matter of view. I can either lament the fact that now I’m missing more people or I can be grateful that I have people in my life actually worth missing. Well, the choice is a simple one. In the end whatever we receive is a gift that we should be grateful for, the size of it doesn’t matter.

  2. Smith has a nice voice.

    He has indeed Ms Red, he has indeed. I am beginning to think that maybe the smoking has something to do with it, there one learns how to pace oneself. Actually was thinking about you while I was being shown around the store. “If Red were here, she’d be joining him for a smoke.” Wasn’t quite able to live up to that standard 😉 .

  3. I’m glad to see that y’all hit it off so well.

    Yes, but we did at some point decide that you were missing. Next time.

  4. Oh, damn, I’ll never get over the “old married couple” comment . . . 😆
    Me? Smith?
    Meet Mrs. Murphy someday and you may understand why.
    I’m new to the whole cyber-friends turning real thing as well and I agree, the relationship changes. Just reading this post I could hear your voice (a nice surprise).
    I will even go as far as to say that as sweet as you are in the blogosphere, you are even sweeter in person. Your smile, your laugh, the love you so obviously have for the hubby is a very real thing to me now.
    That you felt comfortable enough to write this post the way you did tells me exactly what I’d hope to read.
    I could go on for a while here but I’ll pause for now and say that I can’t wait for the next time we can share some “Wiener Schnitzel”.
    It may take some time and planning but I know it will be more than worth the wait.
    btw- if you’re wondering? Yes, a post from me is on its way. Possibly tonight if I can get my comments done :mrgreen:

    Perfect! I knew you’d take a liking to the “old married couple”-comment :mrgreen: ! (Sorry to the real Mrs. Murphy, no harm intended).
    Hm, will have to follow up on some of the above, as I do have some clarification questions. Also, as usual you are giving me way too much credit. One can be nothing less but sweet in such exquisite company and especially when being fed good food (yes, I’m a sucker for good food). 🙂
    PS. Another thing I didn’t anticipate: that Hubby would end up scoring the spotlight and that I now have to deal with an ego that was nominated for ‘coolest husband’. 😉

  5. posted a very nice pic of Susanne . . .

    Someone once taught me that the only thing to reply to a compliment is ‘thank you’. There are days that is a very difficult thing to do…… but ‘thank you Micheal’. 🙂

  6. “Old married couple”, eh? Closer to the truth than you may realize. 😉

    A night to be savored in every detail, a night that couldn’t have gone any better, unless it were to include some more of our little circle. A night I shall never forget.

    And yes, I hope it was not the last time we see each other here in the so-called “real world”.


    Oh -oh not sure Mr. Murphy would agree….. and yes, there were certain people missing, although someone had to lay the groundwork I guess. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad that you guys got to do this.

    You would have fit right into the mix. Still hope that some day we’ll have a big reunion. Would be cool, no?

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