Rule #8

I am a mess.
Some experts say messy is good,
That messy means more intelligent, more creative.
Which is all fine if messy doesn’t turn into
this headless frenzy that I’m currently in.
For no apparent reason.

No. Once more I find myself questioning
The only two facts that are painstakingly clear:
I am human.
I am alive.

The simplicity of this slaps me in my face with the same vigor
its beauty usually overwhelms my heart.
What the fuck?!

With madness knocking at my door
And enlightenment escaping through the chimney
I am left with only one option,
At least for tonight
As tomorrow will be another day;

So I pour myself a rare glass of whiskey,
Put my feet up and remember rule #8:
“Don’t take yourself so damn seriously.”


~ by spasmicallyperfect on July 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Rule #8”

  1. Hey Spaz,
    Pour one for me, will you? I think rule number 8 has my name on it.

    Thought you might try and claim it, and I’m very glad to finally get you a drink instead! 😉

  2. It is certainly a rule that I enjoy following.

    You follow rules? …………… ! 😉

  3. The sometimes harsh reality of life… I am human and I am alive… I have been there before… stating the obvious for my mind to appreciate… doesn’t it suck??? anyway your way of coping sounds better than my way… perhaps next time I shall follow your rules… I think I shall… thanks for being so genuine and for sharing in your world…

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