There needs to be a father’s day

Where and when I grew up, there was always Mother’s day. Father’s day I didn’t hear of until I came to the land of Hallmark. Oddly enough I never asked myself why there wasn’t a Father’s day, maybe because my father wasn’t responsible for doing laundry, cooking, and vacuuming when I grew up.

Now the capitalistic opportunity has brought Father’s day to Switzerland as well. Still, I don’t remember until it’s too late. That’s mostly because I refuse to have commercials guilt me into loving someone. But I will pick up the phone tomorrow, call home and wish my Dad a happy Father’s day. And I will wish I were there to have the traditional special occasion cake with afternoon tea or coffee with my family.Yet it won’t be as bad as usual, as I’ve just seen them.

There are two more Dads that I’ll be thinking of tomorrow. Wishing both of them ‘Happy Father’s day’ almost sounds like being insensitive due to the situation they are currently in.

Where there are fathers there are sons. And fathers remain sons of their fathers, with their child hood memories at a thought’s reach. Loosing a father is difficult. Knowing that you will, turns special occasions and holidays into somber ones, the ‘last…..father’s day’ hanging in the air like thunderstorm clouds. Dear M. on this father’s day my prayers go out to you as a father and a son. Where there’s a last, there is room for a first. May this last open doors you never knew existed.

I think the worst thing for any parent is to realise that one is unable to help their own son/daughter when they most need help. There are many fathers whose sons and daughters went off to fight for a better world and who came back injured. Not necessarily in the physical sense but in the emotional one. On this father’s day my prayers also go out to a father whose son is battling to survive a darkness brought on by war.

Mother’s deserve to be thanked. But so do fathers. And with 5 minutes left till father’s day, I’m proud to know 3 exceptional ones.

Thank you for being such loving fathers.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on June 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “There needs to be a father’s day”

  1. I hope they all have a great day.

    Hope yours was cool too.

  2. A very fitting tribute. It’s important to remember the Dads too!

    Selma, welcome back. Yes, I think they often stand in mothers’ shadows. But then the family image seems to be changing, which gets me excited….. cause the thing that matters most in a family is Love and Love is bigger than gender.

  3. Spaz… a beautiful accolade… one which I greatly loved. I never looked at it from this angle. I always knew of these emotions and feelings, yet you word it eloquently… It is difficult to judge feelings, to measure or compare a situation… loss or near loss… having yet not acknowledging. One day all will be clear. For now we have your beautiful homage…

    Thanks for your kind words Enreal. I think like often when I write lines like the one’s above, it’s not me creating the beauty but the people who inspire it. I’m merely the photographer taking a snap shot, never able to catch the whole scene….. but while people keep enjoying them, I’ll keep taking them.

  4. She got back street sweatshop фото голой ковальчук style travel agent who could.

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