Let’s face it…… I love cheese

No, I’m not talking about the edible kind although that would make perfect sense given my heritage.

It’s a Friday night, a rare one where I am not out, nor in company of my husband at home. Which means one thing: I am in charge of the remote control.

I admit it. I love movies. And I pride myself on not just loving any movie. In fact, I am what one could call a movie snob. This thanks to my mother who started dragging me to every Meryl Streep movie when I should probably have been watching Walt Disney ones (we did see a few of those too) followed by a detailed analysis thereof. No, I cannot watch a movie where the actors can’t act, the script is pathetic and the camera work abysmal. And if there’s just one thing not perfect, I’ll find it.

I’ll do friends a favor and for company’s sake join them to a movie they think is fun. They’ll never ask me again to let them pick a movie being unable to stand another tirade of why the production money would have been so much wiser spent on solar panels.

There are great movies on tonight. There is an Imax feature on marine life (am a sucker for marine life too), a political science movie with great cast, a drama with a great director, a foreign film (which is always better than most of what Tinseltown produces)….. almost too hard to choose.

And so I settle for…….., a chick flick. Yes, a chick flick. Not the wrongly accused chick flick which is in actual fact a work of art (like for example the late ‘P.S. I love you’). No! A mass production chick flick! A full throttle ‘girl dreams of knight in shining armour, meets Joe Average, hates Joe Averages until they get drunk and sleep together, then Joe crushes her heart but really doesn’t as it’s a misunderstanding, Knight gets freed up, Knight turns out not to be as knightly, girl is alone, until through some unexpected twist Joe turns into Knight and they live happily ever after’!

As the credits start to role I catch myself with half open mouth and raised eyebrows close to getting sucked into the TV screen. I can’t believe it, did I just fall for that? Walking to the washroom I hear myself saying: That was cheeeeeeeeeese! Oh and face it, you loved every moment of it!

Guess Meryl Streep didn’t do enough of cheese, leaving me with a deficit of some kind……..

PS. And no, I’ll never admit to this outside of these four walls.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on June 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Let’s face it…… I love cheese”

  1. Oh Spaz,
    We all love the chick flicks, whether tastefully done with wonderful acting or cheesy and fun. It’s in our bones. 😉

    I’m denying it. With all my Willpower. Until I die! ( 😉 )

  2. I love that cartoon.

    Isn’t it great? I just had to download it. BTW thanks for coming by. Since I’ve tidied up my blogroll, something was missing and now I know what. Will be by to catch up after my vacation. Hope all is well.

  3. It’s a woman thing.

    I’m renting a chick flick tonight and taking it to my sister. She is in desperate need of a girls night and whole load of chocolate in her system.

    P.S. I’m with Evyl on the cartoon!

    Movie nights with girls and chocolates, my, my….. See I still have to watch those movies in my own home, alone. Guess it’s my dark, freaky secret that really isn’t (Evyl is at this point seriously worried about my freak side 😉 ). I’m not ready to ‘come out’ quite yet. But I’m working on it. Saw one chick like (oops, latter was almost misspellt with ‘ck’) flick with a female friend of mine the other day, and that was cool. Wine was yummy too.

    Enjoy your night. Will be by soon. S.

  4. Rosamunde Pilcher or “An Officer and a Gentleman” for the ……time.
    MS nearly made it in “The Bridges of Madison County” but I suppose the ending was wrong.
    I love them all.

    Ok, thank God that Officer and a Gentleman is more a classic than a chick flick and so we females can (or should) get away with watching that one. And I never saw the Bridges of Madison county because the book was too good to be rendered visually (with the correct ending).

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