(painting by Mark Fischer ‘An orchard in the Spring’)

Life has this way of preparing us for what is to come. Although it may often not feel that way, I do believe that that there is some underlying curriculum. Many times it isn’t until after a ‘life-changing event’ that through reflection I realise this.

I think of all the unfinished pieces, all the apparant holes in my life. There are days where I am overwhelmed, feel behind in schedule or alltogether in the wrong place. Rather than being inspired by that, I often collapse.

But today the sun is shining and so is my spirit. It is a gentle spring mood full of potential and at the same time humbled by it. My blessings are as visible and bright as the blossoms on the fruit trees. Soon they will turn to solid green, strong enough to sail the winds and master the storms.

Winter was long and hard this year, leaving nature impatiently waiting past March, past April almost, to emerge from their earthly dorm. And now it has; full force, full beauty, determined and prepared to deliver the performance of a life time.

How tempting to draw a comparison to my own life!

And so now where I am battling bouts of surpressed energy looking for an appropriate release, I will not fret but trust that door will open – when life is ready.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on May 14, 2008.

8 Responses to “Alike”

  1. Spaz,
    This piece is you at your best. Vintage Spaz. You are so much like me, a barometer for nature and enthused by sunshine and life growing everywhere. I love this about you.

    ‘Vintage Spaz’.
    Me likes. Me likes very much. Guess that means, I’ve been around, yes? 🙂 . (thank you)

  2. I am sure that it will.

    ” 🙂 ”

  3. I often look to nature for signs that everything will be all right. And lo and behold – it usually is. Lovely, heartfelt post.

    Thank you Selma. Glad you enjoyed my post.

  4. I agree with Selma,we should all listen to nature a bit more.After all she was there long time before us,and as Aristotle wrote more than 300years before Christ,
    “Nature does nothing without purpose or uselessly”

    Always thought Aristotle was a smart guy! 🙂

  5. “When the time is right” is surely my mantra, but it requires enormous amounts of trust and faith.

    Perfection is all in the timing.

    Now that’s a good one. And whenever my timing is off, there is always ‘spasmically’ perfect 🙂 .

  6. “…today the sun is shining and so is my spirit.”

    Spaz, the sun is not shining on me today, though you reminded me to recognize it when it does… thank you for the smile…

    You are welcome. Guess we are good at making each other smile 🙂

  7. that you’re smiling is a small promise (come true) . . .

    Is this one for me?

  8. Oh thank God! I clicked on your link earlier and it just kept sending me to my dashboard. I thought you’d lost your mind and deleted your blog. Phew. Relieved.

    Am a bit relieved myself quite frankly. Tried to do something new, was trying to block viewers until I was done. Didn’t like the result but then couldn’t figure out how to switch it back. Guess that was a lesson? 🙂

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