Blogging in the Iron Age

While folding laundry (a job I really only can get done with some distraction – leading at times to black on one foot and blue on the other) I was watching the History Channel the other day. BBC had gathered a group of people and placed them in an iron age environment.

I laughed at the interviews from day one. “It’s lovely, it’s peaceful, it’s nice not to have blackberries”.
‘You wait and see, give it a day or two and the romantic side of this will have vanished’, I thought. I also noticed less frustration with my laundry, after all, at least I didn’t have to hand scrub all of it.

That night I went to bed, and after I shut my eyes, images of ‘the iron age villagers’ merged with everything else that’s going on in my life. Before I knew it, I was dressed in cloth and walking barefoot on mud paths.

I answered a question from a fellow villager as follows: “What I miss the most? My blog, or better following up on what my blogger friends have to say. I can’t go to work in the morning before checking in.”

In the next shot, hubby shoes up in 21st century clothing and says: “I was right: you are addicted.”

What a relief to wake up and see hubby sleeping next to me. ‘Ah,….. the secret is still safe.
And now that I’m up, I’d better go check in quickly.’


~ by spasmicallyperfect on April 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Blogging in the Iron Age”

  1. Friends of mine recently participated in an ‘eco-experiment’ where they had to live completely carbon neutral for a month. They were fine with composting their waste, handwashing their clothes and chopping wood for fuel but they found giving up the internet to be torture (they are bloggers too.) I agree with you, giving up the blog would be tough.

    Selma! Thanks for stopping by, welcome. Well, I guess there are always chisels and stone 😉 .

  2. iron age? you mean they iron their clothes??? 🙂

    Yes, good one, didn’t think of that. Now I know how it all tied together! 🙂

  3. According to the “Are you Blog Addict?” test which I stumbled on,I am 54% addicted to blogging.Hubby thought it should have been a lot more.

    Gosh not sure I want to try that test. Sure would like to see some of my blogging buddies score though 🙂 .

  4. You are funny spaz. I love it how you turn silly day to day events in such interesting stories.

    Well, I could worry about which credit card to sign up for! 😉 …… sorry couldn’t resist. Luv ya big time and you know me, I can’t turn of silly. 🙂 Thanks for coming by…..

  5. What a fantastically whimsical and light read bringing with it a welcomed smile.

    Now that’s a critique I’ll take any day! 🙂 . Glad you enjoyed it. Like the mouse?

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