She ain’t giving up


Howling winds of white keep me prisoner in my house. Short ventures outside to let the dog out and make sure she doesn’t get swept away or buried convince me that mother nature and I just aren’t seeing eye to eye right now.

I had enough of Schnee (cause this ain’t snow anymore) two weeks ago and gently reminded her that it was time to move on. Kinda like telling the in-laws that we are glad they visited but they’ve now officially overstayed.

If I felt like living in Siberia, I would. The (TV only) sight of green grass brings both my husband and I to tears. And somewhere mixed in with his sorrow is the unspoken complaint of my workload not allowing us to go south for a week. Yes I get it. I’ll never make that mistake again.

Still. As I look through the snow rimmed window into the late afternoon, I think about last evening. I had dinner with a good friend of mine in a restaurant on Queen street. While sitting in the cozy warm enjoying a wonderful dinner, the restaurant’s glassed facade painted a calm winter scene; slowly falling snow, street lights, and that certain pre-Christmas feeling which doesn’t have as much to do with a religious holiday but more a memory of love. We frowned at the waiter singing ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’ but by the time we left, we were singing it ourselves, dancing our way to the parking lot a la Gene Kelly in frozen rain. It was great evening and I do think that winter helped it.

So what then?! We are on our way of beating the record of 1938 for the most ever snow in Toronto. Many years the two time shovel job doesn’t really even deserve to be called winter. Why shouldn’t you have some fun and really be you for once?! So howl, sweep, blow and dump as much as you must, we’ll deal with the shoveling after, we’ll paint our last caved in  snow angels and go looking for dog who loves nothing more than hiding in deep powder!

For you’ve proven that there ain’t any stopping you, you ain’t giving up. And in some sick way, I’m happy for you.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on March 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “She ain’t giving up”

  1. Absolutely true. I think the more we complain this season, the friskier ol’ Winter gets.

    It can’t get any worse can it?

  2. Oh Spaz…When will this torture end??? Maybe we could do a spring dance? You know Rain dance… Spring Dance… worth a shot… going out now… Keep you informed

    Well I think I did dance, sort of, while shoveling I lost my balance a few times, guess one could have interpreted that as a dance…… and I’m counting on your dance to work as again: mother nature ain’t listening to me.

  3. Welll…..Snow is lovely in December, but by the time February rolls around, my attitude is “enough is enough”. These old bones look forward to the warming Spring more and more each year.


    Hey there S, glad you made it here. Yes, three days after I’m still bloomin sore after shoveling the drive way. This one had to be the last dump, yes?

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