Valentine’s day and I


Here we go again, it’s Valentine’s day.

I don’t like Valentine’s day, mostly because I don’t like the pressure of having to show someone that I love them. Plus I don’t really like the colour red very much and in the first two weeks of February there is just too much crimson to be seen. But it’s not just about giving. Even receiving, I don’t like receiving on command either. Truth is I consider myself special, the person I love is special and our love even more so. To be thrown in with the rest of the world on February 14th just simply rubs me the wrong way.

Strange really, because I am all about Love. Not just romantic relationship love, but love in all shapes and sizes like people love, love of family, friends, colleages, neighbours, celebrities, hot dog vendors, security guards, lollipop ladies, pizza guys, the girls that empty my trash at work every night so that in the morning I can start throwing trash into a clean trash can, doctors, hairdressers, bloggers, landscapers who leave the gardens inbetween which I roam looking splendid, train operators who get me to work safely every day, school teachers – mine and all the other ones that continue to teach kids how to grow, Joe and all the other homeless people I pass every day and who still manage to smile at me whether or not I drop something in their hands, those are just some of the colours that people love can have.

Then there’s non-people love, nature love, so to speak, the love of our pets and their buddies, the trees that offer stability, shade, a breeze, a hug, inspiration, clouds that entertain the skies, anything that swims, walks or crawls, even spiders who freak me out but I still will try to save rather than kill, the warmth of the sun and the guidance of the moon, the birds that sing even when I’m grumpy, I could go on and on……

What would life be without Love? Who would I be if I didn’t love myself? No matter how look at it, a loveless life is a dead life. And I think we made a mistake when we set a date to it. Love is a heartbeat. And our hearts beat constantly.

Having said all that and knowing me, I will try and show my love a little more tomorrow. After all, the lack thereof could be misinterpreted. But then, as I mentioned earlier, I love a special guy.  He doesn’t need Valentine’s day to know that I love him. Neither do I. Although – I’ve seen some yummy looking chocolates around………

PS. For those of you who do need to hear it: Happy Valentine’s day and I Love you.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 13, 2008.

7 Responses to “Valentine’s day and I”

  1. Mmm…They look like Teuschers’to me.

    Wasn’t of Teuscher’s website though…… maybe….

  2. Your post is very sweet; I can gather from seeing your comments at other’s sites (Red) that you are just a kind hearted soul. “the hot dog vendor” – now, what’s not to love about him/her? Anyone who can get me a hotdog is OKAY in my book too. I love Valentines Day, but it’s my Birthday too – I just guess I’m partial to it *wink* Plus, it makes my kids all excited! I hope you got to eat some chocolate, Lord knows I received piles and piles of it *happiness* Take care and thanks for sharing. Your blog is great and I’m going to roam around here now.

    Happy belated BD and thanks for making me remember that Feb 14 has given birth to some wonderful people.

  3. thank you,

    I love you, too

    Yours, E

    Hey! Glad you popped by…… hope all is well. S.

  4. What would life be without Love?

    Love is what separates us from the animals.


    Is it? Interesting you should think so……

  5. Is it? Interesting you should think so……


  6. Because sometimes I think they are the ones that taught us Love.

    That’s just the short answer, this is one of those smoke a pipe and drink whiskey kinda conversation…….. 😉

  7. Because sometimes I think they are the ones that taught us Love.

    I have to respectfully disagree here. Apart from dogs, what animal displays love, at least in the way humans can? To claim otherwise denigrates the human race. Our ability to love wholeheartedly, to express that love, and to put the welfare of those we love ahead of our own, is something you never see in animals, with the possible exception of the dog.

    That’s just the short answer, this is one of those smoke a pipe and drink whiskey kinda conversation……..

    A pipe and whiskey? I’m always up for that! 😉


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