One glass to much……..


A few months back Kim at Good at Getting better (  ) wondering about drinking and writing. Hm, I might have an example:

Bright sparkles rise of aged grape juice, softly, yet powerful, awaking ancient chants of rhythmic dances, arms raised towards the open skies, where stars are more than just light sources and trap the innocent admirer to open doors to unexplored landscapes of endless lush fields creating  desires full of potential.

How sweet are dreams that rest on a dove’s wings, nestled in between the soft neck feathers, protected from the forceful winds of experience and earthly imagination!  Everything seems possible, yet I feel content to rest my head against your shoulders and dive inwards.

Gentle waves of frequencies unheard yet peculiarly familiar sway the extremities of my happy, helpless body to reach beyond the realm of consciousness.  What relief there is in absence of that ever present mirror that marches with me every step! What curiosity in floating above gravity! Gone is the clear cut boarder between I and others, between my body and the air it walks in.

Two glasses might have been that one too much. But then, so what? It’s not that I cause any harm in this slightly intoxicated state of mine, if anything, thoughts of forgiveness germ on grounds that seemed long dead. No, there is no threat, least to myself as my soul lies bare, teasing my delayed mind.  


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 2, 2008.

One Response to “One glass to much……..”

  1. I like it 😉

    Figured as much.

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