How (some) women buy cars

It wasn’t exactly love at first sight. The photo didn’t really impress me much, he wasn’t ugly by any means, but there were hundreds of photos on that site and quite frankly, this wasn’t my way of looking for something that I would spend a good chunk of my life with.

The only thing caught me was the word ‘British’ even if that wasn’t enough to get me excited.

Well, we did the only sensible thing and set out to meet the addition personally. My first comment was: ‘That is NOT British racing green!’ I guess I could have thought of a better entry line but first impressions are important.

That was the only hick-up. From then on it was meant to be.

Albert who introduced us, had a lovely Scottish accent. The older gentleman knew about building a relationship with people, eager to please, pressure being the last thing on his mind, or at least nowhere to be detected.

“The previous owner traded it in for a newer model”, he explained. “But the car is in impeccable condition, like new.”

Anybody could say that, especially someone in Albert’s position. So we walked around it, once, twice, a third time. Opened the trunk, the hood, bent down and looked underneath.

No creases, no rust, no scratches, no chips in the paint, no dirt, no nothing. No kilometers. Well it did have some but we wondered whether it was driven much further then up and down a very long drive way and on a few excursions. In any case, it was waxed and polished with great care, never saw snow or salt. But it still wasn’t British racing green.

“What colour ist it?” I asked. Albert wasn’t sure what it was called. Considering it was 10 years old, he couldn’t be blamed either, but he did assure us that it was the original paint job. From one side it looked blue, from another angle green, almost like the ocean. Not the Indian Ocean more like the rugged Atlantic Ocean. Especially when a light hit the cover, it shimmered like the deep sea. And It was starting to grow on me.

Right next to it stood a cobalt blue brand new model. Slick, sporty, impressive. Compared to that dolphin the 1997 model looked more like a sea turtle. A sea turtle that stood no chance against the smooth and fast shape of the newest design. That’s when I fell in Love with it. Not just out of compassion, but also thinking of the love it was used to receiving and therefore also giving. I thought about its patience, how he had patiently waited, complied with his first owner’s wishes to keep it as an expensive toy, rather than the sports car he was born to be, how it couldn’t wait to show its new owner what it was made of. Yes, it wasn’t the newest hit, lacked some bells and whistles, but it had a true heart, and with its experience and pep could still outwit any young racer anytime.

We didn’t buy him that evening. We scheduled a test drive and we went to look at many other convertibles; new ones, old ones, American and European ones. But I couldn’t get my mind off Charlie. Yes, I had even named him. Intuitively, spontaneously it was the first name that came to my mind and the only name, it was also the first time I had ever named a car.

The test drive should have made me a little nervous as Albert insisting on coming along for the ride. But the moment I sat down behind the wheel my nervousness was gone. I felt at home. Yes, there might have been newer, flashier, better performer cars that I could have chosen. But all that could not stand up to Charlie’s character.

He’s been with us for almost a month now. Every time I open the garage door the 10 year old Mazda Miata – deep ocean blue – paints a smile on my face. He loves the escarpment and to speed along the winding roads under the fall trees. I love the wind in my face and the sunshine on my shoulders. As sad as this might sound, I love my car. And I just know that we’ll have a great ride wherever the road will take us.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on November 2, 2007.

6 Responses to “How (some) women buy cars”

  1. Lady, there is nothing sad about loving a car. Nothing at all! They’ll treat you right when you love them . .
    I love the story!
    I love the name you gave her! Charlie is the perfect name.
    I hope you have many fun times with her, always staying safe, and never getting stranded!

    Thanks for coming by Red, glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for the good wishes, since it almost snowed today I’ll have to be patient for the next few months…….

  2. Sounds stupid but I’m sure cars like ships have souls.
    God speed.

    Yes, I am still trying convince hubby of it 😉

  3. she is so beautiful. i have a sport 3 but my heart longs for a miata … deep ocean blue would put a smile on my face too 🙂

    Yes, he is. And no worries – longing hearts do get happy 🙂

  4. Oooh, he’s a cutie! No wonder you fell in love with him. And too, it is the kind of car I would think of you driving. Does this mean no more train?

    No, I could never ditch the train. I’ve been taking the train to work for 16 years and am proud of it. I still believe in using public transport as much as possible, especially for daily commutes. Plus Charlie likes to drive not be stuck in traffic. He gives me a little more freedom on weekends and evenings (during non-snow months) and adds a little more ‘fun’ to those drives. Thanks for coming by Annie, we’ve missed you over here (me and my writer-self that is 😉 ). Sorry to hear about your car troubles, I am sure things will improve.

  5. Sweet car.
    I think cars are much like pianos in that you don’t pick a piano, the piano picks you.
    Same goes for cars.
    Does that make any sense?
    Come to think of it a Steinway in “racing green” could be pretty cool. 😉

    Yes, you make a lot of sense. And I think a racing green Steinway is just what the world has been waiting for 🙂

  6. […] to Hubby and by the next day he was already on the Internet looking for places to stay, ordering “Charlie” equipment and planning […]

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