‘How being locked out of the house can be a good thing’ or ‘Introducing Serena Ryder’.

I don’t forget my keys often. Infact it might happen 2 or 3 times a year. The strange thing is that those 2 or 3 times ALWAYS coincide with those evenings where my hubby ends up being caught up at work. And so last week I 0nce more found myself sitting in my backyard after 8pm spending the evening in a fabulous ‘nothing to do, nowhere to go’ situation.

Thankfully it was a warm and dry evening. I turned on the the yard lights and stretched out on the Garden furniture. Thankfully my cell phone battery was fully charged and since it doubles as a Radio, I started to surf the channels in search of something stimulating.  Then I stumbled onto the beginning of a live broadcast of Serena Ryder performing at Hugh’s room.

I hadn’t heard of her before but it only took one song to know that I’d never forget the name nor her voice. Her a cappella version of “Melancholy Blue” caught my attention right from the first notes and I remained stunned and in awe for the remainder of her performance.

It might have been song choice, it might have been the quiet and dark night, the fact that I had nothing else to do than just listen but I don’t think so. She’s got a distinctive soul that speaks through her voice, her song interpretation, a sound of  something new that instantly makes you feel at home and leaves you humbly shivering and addicted. Listening to her sing breaks down life’s complexities into one moment; sitting below a clear, endless night sky littered with stars, while wrapped in the arms of warm beauty.

 I rarely buy music. But I am going out to buy her new album on Monday. It will be worth every Penny.

If attached the link to the ‘concert on demand’ that I listened to that night. She’s can also be found on YouTube, however if you don’t know her yet, I’d suggest to close your eyes and just listen to her sing.



~ by spasmicallyperfect on October 21, 2007.

One Response to “‘How being locked out of the house can be a good thing’ or ‘Introducing Serena Ryder’.”

  1. i am entranced … thank you : )

    Glad you liked it. I did end up buying the CD and I am enjoying it very much. Great to have as background music too.

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