Writing in a world of past, present and future writers

As I place the tip of my pencil against a new page of my journal I think of all those who have placed the tip of their pen against a new sheet of paper. Writing instruments might have differed, maybe even the reasons of why we got to this point. And yet, there has to be something that connects us all.

I think of all the people in this world that at this very moment are doing exactly what I am doing, starting to fill a blank with a part of them, creating something where there wasn’t anything before.

I think of all the famous people I admire, whether they wrote works of art or speeches that would change the world, they, like me, at one point sat in front of a blank piece of paper, people I would never even consider comparing myself to and yet in this very moment seem so similar, I can almost feel their feelings.

And so I start writing down their names, slowly, focusing on who they were and how they might have been feeling before they wrote what I can read. As the paper’s surface catches on to the graphite clay mix, I catch a glimpse of the past that has been written and glimpse of a future that is there for me to write.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on October 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “Writing in a world of past, present and future writers”

  1. You express yourself so genuinely in a very poetic kind of way. I got to get back to writing more. Thanks for the inspiration.

    No, you can stay where you are with your singing and your photography, after all you’ll have to leave me one corner of fame! 😉

  2. You have had a real writer’s moment, yes? I love them, and wish I could have them more often.

    Yes, I would think so. I think they are what makes me continue to write. I think I have them most of the time…..don’t you? But then it is probably a question of the definition, yes?

  3. I love moments such as this one.
    And yes, the blank page is daunting.
    I’m trying to get my daughter to ignore her fear of the blank page and writer her college essay. Sheesh, you’d think I wanted her to move a mountain.

    Strange, Math always had that affect on me, but essays I loved. Usually people would write one page, I’d always have multiple pages. And many times I’d have them read out in school. Yes, I think essay writing was my favourite home work.
    What’s the subject?

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