For Annie


Annie has had a bad day.
We all get them here and there.
Her bad day however seems to have emerged by a series of not so good days that on this Wednesday just simply amalgamated into an explosive bad day.
I don’t like to see her have bad days. And if you think, I don’t like to see her have bad days then that’s still somewhat manageable. It’s the ‘read’ her have a bad day that is difficult. She has a way with words, you see. Actually I believe, she steals words. Not in a bad way, but in a way a chip munk steals nuts; snatching one and then another, piling them into the left and then the right cheek, hiding and horting them, until one day, let’s say a Wednesday, she can’t hold it anymore and out they come in a mad flood of words, short ones, long ones, loud ones, very loud ones, even exclamation marks. But it’s not those who are scary. It’s the dots, the …….. s. No matter how many words she throws at you, behind the dots hide chamber after chamber of more words, words you can’t even imagine.

So today was one of those Wednesdays. I didn’t see it coming, but then one can’t. All it takes is one curious ‘click’ and BAM! there you are in the middle of a eight lane highway of words. You have to read them, it’s like gasping for air when you’re under water, you know you shouldn’t breathe but you do anyway. Good thing is, Annie’s floods don’t really drown you. No, all you have to do is stand up straight, face them dead on and concentrate. Concentrate on your feet being glued to the ground and waiting for the moment when it’s all done, just like that. I love those moments for that’s the moments where you can step up to her and give her a long warm hug (unless of course it’s too hot,  in which case a cool drink will do just fine.)

Luv ya, Annie. Hope tomorrow’s a better day.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on September 5, 2007.

11 Responses to “For Annie”

  1. Way to love Annie through…

    Thanks, we try…….

  2. Aw Spaz,
    Thanks you sweet girl, you. I had no idea I was stealing words and squirreling them away. Could be why I blew the top of my head off.

    Happily Wednesday is over and tomorrow is another day – which won’t have exploding words or 8 lane highways of verbiage. Tomorrow I find my Zen.

    Love ya,

    PS: Thanks for the hug and cool drink, I needed both.

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. jeez, here I write a whole thing for you and you get too something to read it properly! You aren’t burying them, you are munching them. Chip munk not squirrel! 😉
    I will assume that you have found your Zen? And re drinks, well I guess I owed you at least one, right?

  3. 🙂 word scramble is a good thing.

    I agree. Good to see you back here tuttysan.

  4. Well said! Here here!

    Of course. (oops, seems your rubbing off on me 😉 ).

  5. awwwww … wonderful!!

    thank you and hello.

  6. I’m glad we have words and can use them. The alternative is to lock things up, or really explode.
    Give me words any day.

    You are right, that would indeed be very messy. I know I probably wouldn’t made it through my teens nor twenties without words, especially not the written ones. Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Aw now this is really sweet.

    Gonna have to go check in on our girlie I spoze, I’m trying to work my way down the blogroll…

    I’m sure Annie is too nice to hurt anyone inadvertently on her blog – unlike mean ol’ Nora.

    I kinda sorta exploded and flooded over in this past week on my blog and it wasn’t pretty. I had thoughts of just calling it quits. I never meant to hurt anyone but some people took it wrong and ran with it – assuming it was all about them –

    I think the healing started when I posted about the trip to the ob-gyn and the adventures that were had by all –

    Life isn’t easy some days and it’s so nice you can do things like you’ve done here in this post that brighten up someone’s day.

    It’s really thoughtful of you and I admire you taking the time and energy to write some words for Annie. How lovely, truly.

    Peace, love and nuts.

    Hm…seems you’ve had some rough sailing lately as well. Sorry, I haven’t been by in a while, really need to increase my blogroll now that I have met so many more people who diligently keep coming by and have so much to share themselves. I hope you are doing a better and if a few outburst posts help then so be it. We know how to take it.

  8. Not to worry, Annie’s feet are planted firmly to the ground as well. That’s why no matter what life throws her way, it never knocks her down and if it does throw her for a second, she bounces right back up.
    Great post. Hope you’re well. Kim

    Funny you should mention that. When I was 17 one of my mentors told me exactly that, you know those plastic dolls that used to sit on a half ball? You’d knock them down and they’d just waggle themselves up again. And yes, Annie belongs in that category as well. Yes, all well on this side of the screen, thanks Kim.

  9. spaz,
    you’re such a sweet, caring friend. it’s why we all love you.

    With the risk of sounding like a broken record, I can only reflect what others show me already. Thank you Sarah.

  10. Hey, Spaz!

    so echt, that socks – so echt, dick, erdig, satt, knall-peng-real,
    overwhelming transparence, so full of live. your words, what Annie’s words rose in your soul and flooded through your pen!

    en liebe Gruess vo mir,

    Ha, hanni doch grad a Dich denkt huet! Cool. Thanks for your kind words, I love the sound the make in my heart, not so much for the words, but because of who you are and what you mean to me. Luv ya my dear.

  11. Meant to comment on this one before.
    Yeah, bad days suck and Annie definitely had one. She was sputtering like an out of control machine gun. I think she had to do it though.
    It’s all about the release words give us.
    I think she’s doing better these days though.
    No doubt this post helped.
    That’s what friends are for, right?
    Nice job, S
    {{{{hugs}}}} to Annie . . .

    Can’t believe I’m so late answering this. I know those days too, I just have to make fun of them as I have wasted too many of them on my moods. And after reading Annie’s post, well I couldn’t help myself 🙂 . Thanks M.

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