Morning musings……


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What a wonderful morning it is, fresh, after the  silent troops of rain drops washed the paths on which I walk. My thoughts are crisp and clear, my heart beats with a gentle humming and life just seems – perfect.

I’ve been working hard, chasing mysteries, big fat books of encrypted messages in hopes of – yes, in hopes of what? Does it matter? Or is the chase reason enough? Life can’t be pressured. Knowledge maybe, but understanding? Understanding comes from somewhere as a gift, a Newton’s apple, so to speak.

This morning, another tiny piece of life unfolded behind my eyes. And I wonder, if it hadn’t rained, would I have seen it?


~ by spasmicallyperfect on August 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Morning musings……”

  1. I love it after a good rain. Everything does seem so clear and crisp and my thinking seems to follow suit too. Thanks for taking me on your walk with you.

    Thanks for sharing your company 🙂

  2. what beautiful musings … it has been raining here for days and i am loving loving loving it for oh so many fresh reasons … 🙂

    Yes, Rain is nice especially after hot dry summers. And Fall is definitely on it’s way.

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