My thoughts on the life ahead

Life ahead is just going to be so easy as we won’t really have to learn anything anymore except maybe how to operate machines but even that will one day be diminished to one click of a button or even just saying what you want to have happen.

And I love how I am able to get a glimpse of this future world. Like today as I munched on some carrots, thinking that carrots just don’t taste like they used to. Now granted, guilty of a (wrong) decision for the sake of convenience, I bought a bag of pre-washed, pre-peeled, pre-into-bite-size-cut carrots. Most of the nutrients that the package lists have probably been washed out with the amount of processing, closely followed by the taste.

So these carrots are sitting quietly in this plastic bag. And then I see it:
Micro-wave able!

What? Another close look at the fine print confirms: if I’d like to have cooked carrots, all I have to do is grab this bag out of the fridge and place it – as is – in the micro-wave. Wow. Not only have they peeled, washed, and cut my carrots, now I don’t even have to cut the bag open to place them in a pan. No….. I just place them in the micro-wave and onto my plate.

I see another advantage for the future life. Half the words we use nowadays won’t be needed. Kids that get used to this new way of being served carrots, won’t even know what a carrot looks like, they won’t need to know whether it’s a vegetable or fruit, and since it doesn’t taste like carrots used to, the carrot will probably just be known as the orange food helps you tan nicely and enhances eye sight. No more of the guesses of how many ‘r’s there are in carrot.

I’m not sure I want to live in that future life, but it sure is nice to have a peek in it’s direction.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on August 20, 2007.

11 Responses to “My thoughts on the life ahead”

  1. I think that sooner or later all the world will finally realize that for some things, the microwave really sucks.
    Great and intelligent concept here, Spaz


    Thank you M. Yes, I really have to make sure I read up on how exactly it works from a scientific aspect so that I really understand it. Until then, the box and me aren’t really best friends.

  2. I like the carrots outta the earth with the dirt still clinging on them.

    Microwave schmicrowave!

    Yes, right there with you, although I am not big on the dirt crunch between my teeth πŸ˜‰

  3. There will always be something to learn as long as man desires to learn. Everyday of life is a learning experience. Machines are just a mindless tool and one should never allow them to take control of life. (Though computers are getting pretty smart. Who knows, someday we may have to face real Cylons in a battle for survival.)

    Store bought vegetables just do not rate with fresh garden veggies. I have not grown carrots in several years. But I try and put out tomatoes, cucumbers and various peppers every year (and Okra and pole beans when I have the time). πŸ™‚ Right now my table is full of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes to eat. I dread the end of summer when I am forced to eat tasteless store veggies. I usually opt for frozen ones I can make into soup during the nongarden season.

    Though I usually eat veggies raw I like microwaves for cooking frozen vegetables. They do a better job than stove tops for retaining flavor.

    I really admire people who grow their own veggies, I can’t seem to make it past herbs. Next year I’ll get Writerchick to bug me until I’ve planted my own tomatoes. In the summer I do shop at the local farmer’s market though, more expensive then the big grocery stores but much better, lots of them organic too. I still don’t really trust microwaves……silly I suppose.

  4. About ten years ago I was sat in the garden shelling peas straight from the pod. A young boy from next door wandered over and asked: ‘What you doing?’
    When I told him, he scratched his head, offered a puzzled look and said: ‘Why didn’t you buy some proper ones?’
    This world has been coming for some time.

    That’s an account that makes me laugh and cringe. Shelling peas on the backyard bench of my grandmother’s house is my favourite memory of our time together. They were so sweet. And I never completely trusted her when she said they could be eaten raw……. Thanks for sharing Anthony.

  5. So how were they .. all microwaved an’ all?

    Oh no, you could have microwaved them, I was gobbling them raw. Why do I feel I missed a joke?

  6. dancing carrots … yummers

    microwavable ~ eep! okay, i have been known to steam a carrot or too but mostly i like them raw in juiced, mmmm carrot and ginger juice

    Yes, I’ll have one of those, but I like to add some apple…… I have a love-hate relationship with ginger but apple somehow soften our differences πŸ˜‰ . Funny, that almost sounds romantic….. not sure Smith would agree….hahha

  7. Carrots. I hate carrots.


    One can’t love everything…… but hating veggies?

  8. I love the taste of carrots straight from the garden…it’s why I fight everyone who rolls their eyes at me for eating organic foods. No difference? Taste and see πŸ˜‰ Wonderful post, Spaz.

    Who would fight an organic eater? Weird, people are weird at times….. thanks Ali.

  9. I was thinking about the photo here…have you thought of submitting it to:


    Even if you don’t, a trip to their blog is almost sure to bring a laugh and a smile.


    It’s not my picture to submit, it’s one of those google finds. But thank you. I will swing by there.

  10. Yes, I agree with the RedShoeLady. The LoveCarrots site is awesome!

    I’ll have to check it out.

  11. Conservatives don’t need no stkinkin’ veggies! Just lots of red meat! 8)


    I see. That explains A LOT! πŸ™‚

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