Free verse


I have had the big fortune of a very talented and inspiring poet (actually two, now that I come to think about it) knocking at my writing foundation, challenging me to move out of my freeflow comfort zone and try to discipline myself to more form. I admit, at first I was a little suspicious, for I saw it as my imagination’s wings being clipped by something some group of humans decided was how things need to be written.

But I did try, and came to realise that there was no clipping to take place but instead found another window that opened to something more beautiful then I would have anticipated. It’s as if to image and feeling there’s sound added, the sound of a heart beat so to speak. And I can’t wait to discover that newly found world more, even though, as I understand, machetes will be needed and muscles will burn.  

 As with anything that moves me, words begin to flow onto paper, and while below spilled out, it was with a conscious awareness that this might be the last of this kind of  poem (or freeflow thought I should probably say).

My ‘About’ says clearly that I don’t consider myself a poet, and that still rings true. However I do plan to venture further into that subject and who knows, maybe I’ll accept that title one day. 

Like before any journey, I am nervous, and hope that I’ll continue to have my readers’ support, for if it hadn’t been for all the people who have showed up here and continue to do so, I might not have found this window or dared to open it.

Whether I’ll belong in that world, only the actual journey will tell.

So with below, I’ll leave the Free verse behind for a while, hoping to navigate my way back to it,  just to find it even more fullfilling as I have so far.

To the two people in question (you know who you are), thank you from a place you can’t get to.

When lines of words flow
guided by heart beats
inspired by a young love
yet to be fully discovered,
but mature enough
to leave a longing,
like a bud gently pushing
through a sleeping twig,
tickling, whispering,
to wake up and breathe in
the life that fills the gaps
in between the molecules
of what we see.

I love those moments
Where the internal embrace
opens up and extends
down into the tip of my tiny toe
and where my body becomes
too small to capture
all that I feel.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on August 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Free verse”

  1. Personally, I will miss your freeflow writing simply because it is the kind of writing that stops my breathing and starts my thinking…but I support you and will continue to read and enjoy all that you have to share. And so it begins…XOX Ali

    My dear Ali, you really need to stop this ‘stop breathing’ thing, honestly it’s not healthy. Maybe breathing deeper would be an option? (Haha, you are so sweet, I do appreciate your compliments, forgive me for my sense of humour that can’t be shut up at times….. 😉 ) And no worries, I am definitely not planning on giving up on making my points, asking my questions, my feelings etc. All I am doing is rather then writing it on paper, I’ll be cutting it into stone….. (Beautiful! I like this ad-hoc comparison for so many reasons! See, there’s no way I’m getting rid of ME.)

  2. i consider you a poet, an incredibly beautiful talented poet and this only proves it 🙂

    Me bows in humble gratitude………….. 🙂

  3. “It’s as if to image and feeling there’s sound added, the sound of a heart beat so to speak”. Another way to look at it: you already have the melody and harmony, now you can add the rhythm.

    But don’t become a slave to the form; it’s still the quality of the thoughts that count most.


    I hate everything to do with slavery, but lets be honest, anybody who creates is in a way a slave to their creativeness, no?

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