If you’re in desperate need of a new life……..

Whenever my life felt like stumbling over my clumsy feet, my mother always had the following wise advice:
“You are in urgent need of a hair dresser’s visit”.
Her Marie Antoinette way of solving serious issues, would do nothing but confirm the miserable state that my present life was in.

But mothers have this way of knowing things, or at least my mother does. Now it may be coincidence, however my bad moments always go hand in hand with my bad hair moments. Using a more sophisticated analysis, one might conclude that life has a tendency of falling apart when we loose our balance, when for example work intrudes into our family time, which results in a house work being neglected, which results in our favourite clothes stacking up in the laundry hamper, and so after a too long a day and too short a night waking up, having to wear the not so flattering clothes (cause we have now also neglected our work out routine and eaten more fast food then usual) the straw that breaks the morning’s back is having to focus away from our body to our head and realize that our hair just isn’t manageable anymore or can’t possibly make up for the disaster that’s going on further south.

And so a few months ago, in anticipation of a very stressful and tiring work week, I made an appointment. The timing was perfect (ok fine, maybe more 5 minutes to 12) as my blond highlights started at ear level, and the length/weight of my hair made it run down the sides of my face like molasses. If my mother could have seen me, well, let’s put it this way, it would have never come this far.

I went in expecting to redo my highlights and trim the ends. Unfortunately there was a bit of a language barrier between myself and the lady in charge of my hair, and so the ‘date’ was rather awkward. Until – until she requested some assistance from a co-worker in Spanish. Ha! I pulled out my rusty Catalan (after all, I’ve had my hair done in Spain many times and therefore am comfortable with that vocabulary) and ………..– oh oh!

All of a sudden, Maria turned from a rather shy and silent Hairstylist to a very determined one. Something needed to be done about my hair! My natural hair apparently has a green shade (si, ‘verde’ means green), which is awfully against my skin and well, just makes me look – no apologies for being blunt – OLD (si, ‘mas vieja’ means old).

Green hair and old. Not many women I know are confident enough to walk out of a hair salon not taking some immediate emergency measure after a comment like that. Also having a conversation in my favourite language, just threw me back to my younger Spain days where my hair was……… short. And if the woman was brilliant enough to realize that I have green hair and speaks Spanish, she obviously could be trusted with cutting my over the shoulders long hair short.

The next hours until Monday morning were a blur. After all, I could handle my husband not liking it that much (which wasn’t the case but he’s my husband and in this aspect can’t be trusted) and staying indoors, but that Monday I needed to confront not only the public but more importantly, anybody in my office. People in my office notice things. And there was no way that strawberry blond and short hair is the same as blond and long hair. Long story short, that Monday I got such a boost of confidence that the entire week of work seemed like a breeze. Every single person including the most distracted of co-workers told me personally how much they liked my new hair. And Maria has a new client.

Needless to say, I had to call my Mother (after I got the thumbs up office vote). I am not saying that her theory about life and hairdo being connected is right. However, I have the slight suspicion that if one of my children, especially female, ever comes up to me and complains about a miserable life, it will be straight off to Maria!

(Photo found at http://www.botos.com/weekly/index.html check it out for more great bug shots!)


~ by spasmicallyperfect on August 4, 2007.

6 Responses to “If you’re in desperate need of a new life……..”

  1. Enjoyed – captivated reading.

    Alas if only one had hair – to allow such ‘creativity’ 😦

    Welcome Poeticscot. Well, as far as creativity goes, you seem to show no lack thereof 🙂 . And I know some very talented people without hair. I am sure you’re among them……

  2. Yes, if you have found a hairdresser that will tell you the truth, keep her for life,providing of course you like what she does.

    Yes, my mother taught me that too 😉 .

  3. Really nice!
    I’d like it.
    I’ll try to come here more often.
    Greetings from Argentina!

    Buenas tardes a Argentina! Very sorry about the late replay. Thank you for visiting y hasta la proxima! 🙂

  4. My favorite hairdresser closed shop nearly 8 months ago and I have yet to find one that I like yet. In the meantime, one lady completely butchered my hair. I do agree that a good haircut can transform you and your life, just as a bad one can throw it for a loop.

    I’ve finally decided that I am desperate enough to try again, but am having trouble finding the time for the appointment. Hopefully sometime this week, or next, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for someone who can make me beautiful!


    Oh Jennifer, I so understand what you are going to. I spent 7 years in Canada before I met Maria not trusting anybody to cut my hair other then just trim the ends…… But, there is hope and there are people who know what they are doing as my story is proof of. Good luck (and there are always baseball caps 😉 )

  5. Hey Spaz,
    I like your mother’s philosophy. I donn’t usually go to the hairdresser, but a trip to the manicurist for a mani and a pedi sure does seem to make a difference. Maybe it’s just the pampering and the change that feels good. I’ll bet your hair looks fantastic.

    Oh…. no, that I haven’t been able to venture to yet. Although my Mum also suggested on my 30th Birthday that I should start going to Spas (giggle, nothing to do with Spaz of course) , failure to do so would gradually add an increased amount of years to my look: “and with 50 you’ll look like 70”. …… Well, I prefer my own French pedicure and it lasts longer too and my hands, well, I have Spielberg hands and no manicure is going to change that. Am off to see Maria again tomorrow. It’s been too long already.

  6. i have been lamenting my hair but have yet to do anything about it but i have been craving craving craving some red … hmmmmm

    From an Ex-blond to a new ‘have no clue what you call this colour but she said something about high and low lights”, GO for it!

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