Old key

You stumbled back into my life
like a forgotten key in a busy drawer
you slid back into my hands
while I was looking for something else.

I felt your weight burning in my palm,
remembered the sweet sensation
of you opening doors to places
I only dreamed existed.

But no matter how long I searched
and no matter how hard I tried
the lock that you once belonged to,
no longer belongs to me.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on July 9, 2007.

11 Responses to “Old key”

  1. Beautiful!

    btw, i use the same theme on my blog as you!

    Welcome ‘theme-sbiling’ 😉 . And thankyou for dropping me a line. I am glad you liked it. SP

  2. A: “Poetry is greater than Life.”
    B: “Yes: but only very very occasionally.”
    Me: “This may be one of the occasions, however.”

    I enjoyed your poem.

    I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you for your kind words (love the script version 😉 ) .

  3. The pain of Love …….. beautiful poem.

    Yes, I guess that would be one ‘four letter’ interpretation of my longwinded poem 😉 . Good to have you back and thank you.

  4. I feel the confusion, desperation and pain in your words…

    Always nice to see that words on a surface cause images. If they trigger feelings that’s even more of a compliment. Thank you Enreal.

  5. I like this Spaz and here’s why.
    One old friends and flames come back into our lives more than once as we get older.
    Two I love that you made them old keys (which only you could do 🙂 ) that no longer fit either into our doors or our lives.

    I can relate to this. More than you know.

    Thank you Kim. I have to admit, I was a little excited when the image of an old forgotten key popped into my head. Wrestled with it for a while but I think I am liking the result. I think many people can probably relate to this.

  6. I feel awed at the beautiful parallels you draw. No high-flying vocabulary, no abstract imagery. And this is better than all that. In my very humble opinion, this poem is one of the best examples of beauty in simplicity.

    I hope you post such poems again and again, reminding us of the simple allegories of our long-drawn lives.

    Thank you so much for your flattering words, it’s a high reward to know that people find pleasure in my thoughts and lines. If it can inspire to see beauty in simple things, I’ve reached a goal. Welcome and thank you again for leaving your thoughts. SP

  7. Ritwik, above, says it very well.
    Loved it.

    Thank you Lolly. And good to see you back, hope all is well.

  8. Very well done. One of your best.


    Takes the best to recognise the best 😉 .

  9. oh … i love this on so many wonderful levels … definitely beauty in simplicity and that is so very hard to do … : )

    Hm…. and there I was wondering whether my writing is too simple…. guess you’ve answered that one. 🙂

  10. I must disagree with you, sometimes people lose themselves in words, forget where they began and definitely forget when to stop…so on that note…I truly loved this piece. And I have read your work…your writing is not too simple, you have a clear vision.

  11. Hello were did you get that key.

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