Black eyes

You have black eyes
but they’re not beautiful.
It’s you who is beautiful,
but you don’t see that.

You don’t deserve this,
Having to hide between excuses
And burying your pain
In his good moments,

Hanging on to an illusion,
Ignoring the danger.
Others didn’t make it.

You don’t belong on that list.

How can you love him more
then you respect yourself?
If you saw what I see,
He’d be in jail.

But you stick to
Slippery stairs and
Sports accidents,
“My fault” you grin.

It’s not your fault!
Never has been, never will be,
It might be mine
The day I bury you.

(Trust me,
There is a better world out here
for you and all your tears,
There is a safer world out here
for you and and all your fears.
I love you)


~ by spasmicallyperfect on July 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “Black eyes”

  1. So sad and beautiful just the same. My prayers are with that suffering soul

    Thank you Enreal. I’ll keep fighting for her.

  2. I am sure your support and Love will pull her thru it all…..

    Thank you very much.

  3. Provocative and hard to read. That’s a good thing. You do see so much, don’t you S? I hope she hears you someday.


    This was hard to write too, cause I can’t help just getting terribly frustrated and upset. I have more to say, but I am not sure it belongs here. Might send you an e-mail later……

  4. No, I hadn’t read this. Sorry, looks like I missed the alien one above this one too.
    I thought I just came by here two days ago.
    Spaz, my poem Don’t Judge Me had nothing to do with this one. Even though apparently they have a hint of similarities. The judging in my poem is more about a poet not wanting to use the metaphor to cover things up and make a reader guess what something is about. That’s where the other comes in, the violence. I heard someone say the other day that pain is the best form of literary training, if you go through enough of it, then you learn to quit beating around the bush and say what you have to say. Sorry this is so long but I did want to clear this up. The two while it may seem similar are nothing at all alike. Just one of those things I guess. Great poem though. 🙂 kim

    Interesting thought ‘pain the best form of literary training’, …… I would guess that doesn’t just go for pain, but I can see where that one is coming from. See for me that’s the beauty with writing, one doesn’t need to beat around the bush, you can do much better then that, you can plant a new one…… Thanks for clearing things up, and your e-mail too.

  5. […] Tuesday, January 08, 2008 9:52:01 PM. The Grey Warrior. Friday, July 06, 2007 9:15:43 PM. Black eyes. […]

  6. Mind boggling update:
    She’s now pregnant.
    She looked happy for a while.
    Until yesterday where the make up came back out.

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