Humanity just might be ok…….

Another piece of proof
That humanity
Just might be ok.

I saw you, 3 feet tall,
With arms stretched out
Standing at the bottom
Of a slide, facing it,
As if you were waiting.

And so I waited,
Like you,
One moment, two moments,
Determined not to move
Until you did,
Trying to figure out,
what you were doing.

And just as I contemplated
You being a badly placed
Statue of a young girl,
I saw him,
Popping out
At the end of the slide.

He was about
Two inches shorter,
Maybe walking
But not yet running.

There you were,
His older, young sister,
With your arms ready
To catch him if need be
And the only reason
Why he dared
To let go in the first place.

You took his hand
And turned around,
Smiling at a man
Sitting on a bench in the shade.
“See Daddy, we did it!
Can we go again?”

As I left
I heard two shrieks
Of childish excitement
And I asked the Universe
To never let you forget
What just happened.

For some more absolutely terrific photos of humanity’s future please visit:


~ by spasmicallyperfect on June 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “Humanity just might be ok…….”

  1. Children are a reminder of the good stuff in life. As we were all children once, it’s important I think to maintain some sort of child like wonderment and awe. This was beautiful. kim

    Yes,…. too bad they often forget that as they grow up…….

  2. i so needed this today, this beautiful reminder ~ thank you!

    You are – as always – most welcome……

  3. What a great face. Yes, those are the things to remember. The utter joy of little children shrieking as they go careening down slides. Love it.

    Yes, I liked the picture too, although she lookes older than the heroine in the park…..

  4. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. It really captures the simple innocence of children and proves that we all start out good, at least.

    Hey there and welcome Alone. Thank you for commenting. Being able to recognise children’s abilities within this poem (but also generally) ensures me that as adults, we still have that same ability within ourselves. That too me is the inspiring message.

  5. Loved this! And, what a beautiful little girl she is. I have 2 boys, and I love to watch them being there for each other also. Thank you for sharing this. It made me smile…

    Welcome to my site. Congratulations on your family, I am happy that you have children of your own to watch. For now I ‘spy’ of other people’s treasures. And happy to make you smile too, thanks for sharing.

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