What I need….


Had to follow this funny tag that I saw over at my friend Kim’s http://nextgr8twriter.wordpress.com/2007/06/11/google-says-meet-my-needs-funny-tag/.

I am not sure whether I completely followed what I am supposed to do, but rather then looking at the webtitles, I took the sentence that has my name in it. Here are my top 10 from Google including comments:

1. Susanne needs to be back in Bar Harbor  to open “Cafe this way”. (Strange, I always was interested in the idea of owning my own little Coffee shop, although above could be in reference to a play of some sort in which case, well, I was equally interested in that)

2. Susanne needs a second car. (This is really odd, we just sold a truck we’ve been looking after and although it wasn’t our second car, we really enjoyed the fact that we had a second one for emergencies. I wouldn’t mind a crossfire 😉 )

3. Susanne needs to look up now and then. (Well, I am not quite taking this literally although there are strong hints in my life that do suggest that I need to pay less attention to all the things that are going on around me and more on what is in my immediate vincinity such as cars, red lights, uneven concrete slabs etc. And thinking about it a bit more, my husband probably feels the same way when I am stuck writing on my computer 😉  )

4. Susanne needs a preliminary report regarding Migration (just today I read a long article about immigration, especially the gangsters that call themselves consultants and only rip off people with a dream of a better life).

5. Susanne needs help getting her strips to come out perfectly. (Wow, guess those pole dance lessons aren’t paying off 😉 – gosh here comes the spam – ! Seriously, the website was in regards to making Quilts, which is funny, as my grandmother was a seamstress but I just didn’t get her talent. I do sew though which just reminds me, how on earth does the English language read ‘so’ when it sees ‘sew’?)

6. Writer/director Peter Zablotsky fails to get his story or cast to make us understand why Susanne needs to disappear at these most tense and uncomfortable moments in her life. (Hm, this one is for the FringeNY festival. Interesting proposition, I guess I do at times disappear during tense and uncomfortable moments, but that’s more for a short while to take the time to figure out where I really stand in a situation. I don’t think I am the type to ignore to shy away from those moments, as knowing me, even away from the actual situation it would still bug my head and heart not to get it resolved.)

7. Also, Susanne needs a female for Ahina so we may be talking two birds. (Actually, I don’t need another female bird, my place is already buzzing with birds, some of them invading my planters and having their own baby birds there, so thanks, I am good in this department! Website was in regards to some parrot breeding site.

8. Susanne needs to go away. (Ha, this would have been a great number 10 and probably has been said countless times behind my back – no worries I forgive all of you 😉 ! . After more investigation seems it’s part of a Soap opera (Carla & Susanne), where Susanne has married a female but now seems to have feelings for a guy. Interesting, interesting……. )

9. Susanne needs many more walkers. (Oh dear, they are on to me, I am getting old!)

10. Susanne needs to know what level of detail of plans we need to submit for. (Another funny one, I am indeed a detail stickler and often at work, I am told to stop getting caught up in the details or ignore them in order to move forward – as a person with high quality standards that is hard. The website belongs to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration…… thank God, I know I won’t be interefering with any of their work any time soon)

And I know there isn’t supposed to be a number 11, but the next one just couldn’t be left out:

11. Susanne needs to stop calling while I am driving my car as it is hard to concentrate through my crying. (Oh my…. I’m nothing but trouble. Hm, searching deeper it actually was a guy writing this, and there were tears of joy because he heard his little boy shrieking of joy through the phone. That Susanne had called to let the driver participate in that moment. Well that sounds more like me now, doesn’t it? 🙂 .

Kim – this was an interesting thing to do. Of course I could get freaked out and scream “Big Google brother is watching me!” but I’ll settle with the amazement at how many things we are involved in and make up our complex nature that any sentence can in one way or another apply to us. Interesting……


~ by spasmicallyperfect on June 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “What I need….”

  1. You found some even funnier ones than I did!!

    Yes, some of them are great. It was indeed a fun thing to do…… thanks for coming by and welcome Susanne 😉 .

  2. Great list. Especially the walkers. Hilarious.

    Yes, we are all getting older….. could have used one today, am completely sore after last night’s beach volleyball. Ouch…

  3. Peter Zablotsky sucks as a writer. Don’t loose your day job, guy! He also sucks as a person.

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