Strawberry wine

Sipping strawberry wine
after a day of driving barefoot
and letting the wind
style my golden hair.

Yes Summer’s among us
bringing memories of
stolen kisses in the field,
pure sweetness on my lips.

The wine runs down my throat
up into my head,
causing soft giggles
at life’s formalities.

Strawberry wine,
almost too sweet,
but causing butterflies
to join the dance.

And in this moment
life is perfect,
and seems, just for a while

(Eli, merci vil mal, the Wii isch uuu fein, han ihn zrugg uf Toronto gno und gnuess en grad). 


~ by spasmicallyperfect on June 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “Strawberry wine”

  1. what a grand way to welcome summer in. i was with you, riding in the back seat with my own golden hair whipping in my face.
    <em>Actually funny you should mention it, I was meaning ‘whipping in my face’ but I didn’t like the word whipping. Thanks for seeing what I meant! And what on earth are you doing in the back seat? </em>

  2. You make me happy to alive in that golden hair.

    Thank you very much, that’s more then I can ask for. Enjoy the summer!

  3. Hey, Spaz!!
    Reading through your lines
    ones in so msny different colours and moods,
    then get to your strawberry wine poem,
    when I first think of the song “summerwine” which is so in in Switzerland at present –

    then I realize that the writer of this poem is YOU and it is YOU who just let run this gorgeous drops run down YOUR throat!
    Thanks! great to know it inspired you THAT much!
    That is a shared moment, a shared NOW, what a great present!!!
    love, with a hug!
    me (sitting here in the rain…)

    Giggle, I love when you say Spaz, because I hear you say Spaz as in Swiss for Sparrow, just gives a whole new dimension to my alibi 😉 .
    I write most of the post myself unless I say ‘borrowed from’ or make reference to something else. And yes, you were very much with me that moment. Hm….seems one present triggers another one, that’s what life should be all about, not something calculated but a soft flow of “can’t resists” ;-), big hug back….sorry about the rain, we are roasting in 35 degrees……</em>

  4. msny means many…
    grins, maybe I got drunk by only reading your lines..

    I would have gotten you a strong coffee if I didn’t know that you are sleeping……

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