I finally managed to get some photos up…..

Up until now I have used other Google images to decorate my writings despite the fact that I shoot a lot of pictures myself. As silly as this might sound, I haven’t spent the necessary time to figure out how to upload my own images. Today I will try and if this works, some people will finally get a look at some long promised images.


This is our dog Kea. She’s a 18 month old Golden Retriever. Her being my first dog, I have been blessed with a loving, beautiful, eager to please, clumsy, spaz-y (like her owner), always hungry but overall very good animal who loves to run, cuddle, and play with her brother Kelly, our 8 year old cat. Here a picture of the two of them:


And as of this spring, we had another sort of pet, although these ones were only with us for a limited time. As described in my previous posts, we were blessed with a total of 3 morning dove babies, first with one and then a few weeks after the first one flew out, two more.

dove-with-baby.jpgHm, this seems to work ok. So now I am looking forward to adding my own shots to my words. Hopefully I’ll remember the steps well enough to let my dear mother know how to do this too…..


~ by spasmicallyperfect on June 15, 2007.

5 Responses to “I finally managed to get some photos up…..”

  1. They are all lovely photos,especially the one of Kea.Mother? the older generation isn’t usually computer literate. Am I discriminating this time?

    You’ll be the judge of that, I am definitely not getting into that. Just saw a 69 year old North American climb Mount Everest today so the older generation seems to be doing well to me 🙂 .

  2. Aw…what cute little animules. Your doggie is a beauty. I love retreivers.
    The birds are so sweet and content looking too. You are a regular dr. doolittle, Spaz.
    On the downloading images issue – don’t you have a little usb cord that you hook into the camera and the front of your computer? That’s what I have and it prompts me all the way through the process. Thank goodness because I never could have figured it out on my own.

    Oh, I’ve got plenty of ways to get them onto my computer, but I wasn’t sure how to get them from the computer into wordpress, as I was only seeing the URL insert image thing and didn’t even notice the upload section. Also most of my pictures are still in Raw format which means they were huge. Thanks to my Mum who kept asking me how to do it, I had to speed up the learning curve 😉 . Dr. Doolittle, that’s funny…… 🙂

  3. my mom is such a computer junkie ~ if only i could get her to take up blogging, i would be a happy daughter, lol …
    i upload into flickr first to get smaller formats and actually, you can take the code from flickr and paste it right into your post … though flickr is an addiction all its own, lol
    your dog and cat are beautiful!!

    Hm, yes the whole uploading thing is driving me bonkers. I haven’t used flickr yet and am mostly struggling with my Raw images, that I was told to take and between CRaw, Bridge, Photoshop and the web, I am still not quite sure why and with what outcome I should be taking which steps. I know we talked about this in class, but I guess I haven’t done it enough times to feel comfortable with it. And re addictions, I don’t think I need any more….. 🙂

  4. Nice photo. I know that little girl! Love her. Big hug.

    Don’t forget dear Kelly, he got all insulted 😉 .

  5. An absolutely precious and <i>vivid</i> photo of avian mother & child!!! Amazing.
    I love how the light touches them both so gently.
    Glad that your nest had success and safety. My orange tabby cat continues to ‘prune’ the population and it makes me so sad. However, tonight he brought a HUGE pigeon into the basement. Not even sure how he was able to hang on to it. In my book, pigeons are preferable to mourning doves, if a cat must give in to its killing addiction.
    This sweet photo is priceless. A great reminder of simplicity and sweetness in a world much in need of both.

    Brenda, good to have you back! Hope all is well. Thanks for the compliments on the picture, am pretty proud of myself. Hmmmm…..we have a cat too, used to be a pretty good hunter and very generous 😉 . Has become an indoor cat as he ran away for a month and must have had some scary moments as he doesn’t venture outside anymore.

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