Congratulations Rahel and Walter


I have been talking a lot about life being precious and that there are chances that we don’t take, because of various reasons. I have been thinking a lot about how I am not going to waste my life with ‘could’ and ‘should’ haves. But between talking/thinking something and actually doing it, I don’t always succeed.

 I have known for a while that one of my old friends was getting married. She’s one of the friends that I had to leave behind when I decided to move to Canada. I was there when she met ‘the love of her life’, I suffered with her through the whole ‘do you think he might be interested in me too?’ which lasted close to two years. I was ecstatic when they finally opened up to each other and from then on, I’ve known that she is in good hands. But for her wedding day, I was living my life in Toronto, 7 and something plane hours away.

There were many reasons why I couldn’t make it: we had just been in Switzerland less then a year ago, and had our big trip of this year in February, my husband wouldn’t be able to understand anything, and the bride would not have much time to speak to us, further there was a financial question, animals who needed looking after, my work that is a critical point and needed me there. Yes, I had joked that I’d make it if I got an official invitation knowing quite well, that they weren’t really expecting us to show.

They got married today. I just got home from seeing my friend look like a princess on a day I know she has been dreaming about for a very long time. I saw the couple’s families and friends, who showed both of them how much they and their special day means to them. I shed my tears of joy and pride, and I got to congratulate and hug her. She looked beautiful, by herself and as a partner to a handsome young man. I got to feel part of the love they feel for each other. And – I got to be there with a my own wonderful husband who I love very much and who not only supports me in putting my friends and family above all other obstacles but who understands that’s it at times like these where being away from my home country is very hard.

Not this time. This time I made it. And I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this for anything. The fear of flying, the tight economy class seats, the drive from Munich while sleep deprived, the jetlag, the tighter belt around the wallet, and the pile of work that is awaiting me back in Toronto, all that is merely a minimal detail, a speck of dust on a beautiful, heart warming and important tray of memories around this trip and today, their wedding day. The blanket of immense gratitude I feel for being blessed with all that made this day possible sends that tiny speck of dust flying into nothingness, starting with being blessed with a friend that is worth flying around the world for, an amazing man who I know has and will continue to take good care of my friend, the money for the trip, my support system and this special something that is looking out for me and made sure we got here safe and sound.

Dear Rahel and Walter, congratulations once again, and the best wishes for your future together from the bottom of my heart. We are very proud and happy for you. Looking forward to seeing you hopefully in September.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on June 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Congratulations Rahel and Walter”

  1. It’s great that you were able to be there for her like this. Awesome. kim

    Yes, I am very fortunate. By the way, I love your new avatar, feels closer some how (giggle, we’re the flower girls 🙂 ).

  2. Oh Spaz,
    I’m so happy you were able to go and see this wonderful event. I understand all too well – a few years ago, I missed my best friend’s wedding for reasons like you mentioned. It broke my heart that I couldn’t be there. Congratulations to your friends and long life and great marriage to them both.

    Thank you Annie. I am so very glad I did this, I know she really appreciated it and since it’s difficult (for me) to be a good friend from afar, this felt like one of those ‘making up for lost drinks’ moments.

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