Internal river


Violins tear open my chest
releasing the rages
of an internal river
washing from its bed
any sediments of everyday life.

And for a moment
the concierto touches
all my senses
creating the beautiful illusion
of never needing anything else
then to stretch out my arms and legs
and let the river carry me
to a world that outside life
can never reach.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on May 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “Internal river”

  1. Music can do that to me too. I love string instruments, especially violin concertos. Yet another thing we seem to have in common. 😉

    and cellos….. have found this new appreciation for classical and jazz music (sign of getting older?). love it, love it, love it.

  2. I’ve been struggling. I knew I would find a refreshing ‘dip’ if I visited you. Thank you!
    Hope your doves are well. They’re a triumphal symbol…

    Hey dear DD. Sorry to hear that the sailings are a bit rough. Glad to be calm waters. Have I told you that the (or maybe another one) dove is back with two more eggs? Have a feeling, I might have a very hard time planting that planter this year…..

  3. This picture was so serene and peaceful. Look at how still the water is in it. This was so beautiful. I love the way you use the river to explain your reaction to the music. Perfect. anabelsmith

    Thank you Anabel. It’s not quite the raging river but when I saw the photo it fit with my mood and so I picked. Glad it seemed to have worked. Thanks for your comment, hope all is well in Anabel land……… SP

  4. Makes me think of virgin lakes hidden by jealous mountains. Or of cocoons for the much-needed 3-minute human hibernation. ^_^
    I could relate to the “rage of an internal river.” Thank you for sharing this. Cheers.

    Welcome Soulless. I like your response my post pulled. 3 minute hibernation for sure, only most classical pieces tend to be longer….. 😉 . As a child I never had the patience for classical music, they took too long and no words to it. Now as I read your comment it seems it might explain my post. Seems as children we were better at finding hibernation spots. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Will have to review your blog a little better the quick visit was promissing.

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