Sandcastles and Autumn storms

Building sandcastles on the beach while the waves wash them away.
Raking leafs with my bare hands during an Autumn storm.
That’s how loving you feels like.
Sometimes I wish it were different.
But then it wouldn’t be the same.
So don’t change a thing
and teach me how to love you
for who you really are
without feeling the pain
when I can’t see your light.

I wrote this one a while back and remembered it today as I was about to start complaining……..  


~ by spasmicallyperfect on May 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Sandcastles and Autumn storms”

  1. Spaz,
    It’s great to remember those thoughts frozen in time. I love the beach and the air and the castles. I could hear the gulls singing along.

    hm, I could use a beach vacation too. Where to my friend?

  2. Let me be your sand castle, I won’t wash away with the storm and will protect you from evil. hooo right, B. is taking care of this… merde!!! Lucky him.

    Ooops missed to reply. Yes, he is lucky, so are you – just differently. And the most lucky person is probably me as I have the two of you 😉 .

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