Looking for the lid that fits the pot

Your face

A safe haven,

Your eyes

Look through rather then at,

The way you pause before you answer

Making sure I’m done talking

Are just three quick things

I loved about you,


You are alone,

Or at least not with somebody,

Empty fingers, time to iron your clothes

Are just two external clues.

And it makes me angry,

That you are a great lid

And yet pots don’t recognize it,

Cause their own steam clouds their vision.

You say you don’t care

That you’re happy

Knowing that one day

Even you’ll get lucky.

But I often think about how empty

Your bed has to feel at times

And I worry,

That you might get used to it.

But you just continue,

With your face

The safe haven,

With your eyes

Looking through rather then at

And pausing

To make sure I’m done talking.

That’s one of the big things

I love about you.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on May 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Looking for the lid that fits the pot”

  1. lucky person

    The lid or the pot? 😉

  2. Brilliant. I love your creativity and metaphores. It’s facinating.

    Hm… thank you so much. I had some help from a friend of mine, singer-songwriter, he kept bugging me about metaphor exercises…… guess it paid off? 😉

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