Come dance with me

Hundreds of light green butterflies sprinkled in random pattern over dark brown lines

While the spring sun illuminates their young wings turning them almost transparent.

Oh how I love to watch the awakening of the trees after a solitary winter

And how I wish, you could join me here below the faint blue sky gaining strength

With every day we get closer to June. It seems the birds miss you too.

But then, who would give up your seat, I’m sure the view from high above

Is even better yet than mine, and the ability to float above the tree tops with your angel wings……

Come dance with me, one more time, like we used to every year when spring arrived,

Dance with me around the wakening trees to the bird’s singing, and join in with laughter.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on May 8, 2007.

One Response to “Come dance with me”

  1. Dear Spaz, Your poetry is like silk. It brings me to a soft level of spirituality. Well phrased and vivid imagery. Keep writing.



    I am so glad you finally made it……. thanks for your kind words and actually being the first one to read my poem out loud…..if I ever need a voice-over I might hire you 🙂

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