Stressed at work?


I have these moments at work, when my “To Do”s and the “Urgent To Do”s break off the peak of the ‘Need to get done’ – mountain and the loud rumbling noise it causes announces the avalanche that is going to send me tumbling uncontrollably down hill.

As my heart beat speeds up, as my palms get sweaty and my focus is more on the panic rather then the tasks at hand it’s always the same thought that enters my mind.

“Let me water my plants”.

And so that becomes my first task. It means grabbing my little watering can, walking to the office kitchen, fill it up with water, walk back, and then focus entirely on stilling my three office plants’ thirst.

Then, with an empty head (seems the panic runs from my head like the water from the watering can) I am ready to tackle the mountain in calm and organized manner.

And I have the best looking plants in the office 🙂

Any tips you have to share?


~ by spasmicallyperfect on May 1, 2007.

3 Responses to “Stressed at work?”

  1. i don’t know if i have any good tips to share but i’m totally trying out yours ~ my sad little office plant will be happy 😉

    we have a gym in our building and when i get super stressed at work, i head down for a quickie workout … when i can’t do that, i head to the kitchen to fill my water bottle … maybe kitchens and water contribute to relaxation … hmmmmm

    I am sure of it…. running water is relaxing and sometimes reminds us of washroom breaks that also tend to get forgotten when it’s busy. You’re lucky with the gym…. I just punch my co-workers ( 😉 ).

  2. I have to go straight to my garden the minute I get home. It has the same calming effect on me. Something about contributing to a living thing is good for the soul.

    As for work – I hold my breath the moment I walk through the door and don’t exhale until I leave. Probably not a good tip though.

    Oh-oh, that bad, is it? 😦

  3. I’m always stressed at work. Must make mental note to get plants and bring them into office.

    You might want to make an actual note, especially if you are stressed….. that’s my first indication of stress, I start forgetting things…..;-) . Good luck……

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