Sleepless nights

The world is quiet
Feet do make noise on carpet
It’s just too busy during the day
To actually hear that

The moon has invited herself
Into my living room
And I decide to take a seat
In her lap.

I love these quiet moments
Where only I seem to exist
And being makes sense,
More then that, is sacred.

I can feel creation
All the way back to the first child
I can hear the earth breathe
In the silver lined tree tops

Sometimes its difficult
To create this awareness
During my day
But I know it is there, always.

And so that’s what
Sleepless nights are for
Not to think more
But to listen more.

Visit Lillian Michiko Blakey‘s website for more of her great paintings:


~ by spasmicallyperfect on April 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “Sleepless nights”

  1. Spaz,

    You do have a gift for seeing the miraculous. What vision.

    Have you read “Sophie’s World”? There is a chapter in it that compares the world to a magic trick…specifically, a rabbit being pulled out of a hat, sailing through the universe. Children tend to enjoy the ride on the very tips of the fur, drinking in the wonders. Adults settle back down into the roots, thus living a duller existence.

    Here’s to ALWAYS riding on the edge and loving every minute of the journey.

    Thank you for your kind words (once again 🙂 ). Yes, I read Sophie’s world long time ago and I do remember something along those lines. Would be interesting to reread it though, I’ve grown so much since I first read it, I might have a different, new appreciation for it. As to your closing: I am trying. Take care and share the ride!

  2. Very nice piece…

    “Sometimes its difficult
    To create this awareness
    During my day
    But I know it is there, always.”

    I feel this way about recapturing certain feelings that leave you in wonderment. Nice poem…and you should take DragonFly’s advice and read “Sophie’s World”, I read it so long ago…but a great read.Relates to our philosophical side…and life.

    Thank you so much E~. And I will reread.

  3. OOps I didn’t see your reply on reading the book…Oh well.
    Thanks again for the post

    No worries….. those answers within comments can get confusing.

  4. There are so many things I love about this piece I don’t want to pick just one.
    As DD said, you have a gift for seeing the miraculous. And that is a gift.


    And then there are people who amongst other talents have the gift to inspire. This one I owe to a guy who had some sleeping trouble a few days ago, something about getting up at 2am. It makes me very happy to see that you’ve read it and love it. thank you.

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