Diamonds in the grass

Ok, there was a moment today when I thought not having an umbrella would be my biggest mistake of the day. That day started out beautifully, Monday, a new week of opportunities to leave the house without being late, nor stressed. Worked out pretty good, except for the fact that I missed the weather forecast and therefore left in sandals, linen pants and a white top.

4.56pm, the sky is black and a massive thunderstorm with strong winds shakes the city. My one hour commute now takes two and by the time I get home the sun is shining again. Didn’t need that umbrella afterall.

Ready to make supper, I pull open the curtains to the back yard and there I see the disaster. Nobody in our family thought of shutting the outdoor garden set’s umbrella yesterday evening, which today the wind toppled over breaking the glass top of our beautiful table. Wow, a six person glass table top spread in pieces across the lawn.

And so rather then stand around upset, I start picking up the pieces, trying not to cut myself. It’s safety glass with means the average size piece is about 2/16” by 3/16” and if there not yet as small, me touching them makes them break into slivers. What a way to spend the evening!

Having to concentrate on not getting hurt and the rhythm of picking up the pieces calms me down. Then I hear a bird singing. I lift my head and there in the small, newly planted, naked maple tree there’s an unknown feathered friend entertaining me while I am cleaning up. The first bird I’ve seen in that tree.

The sun peaks through from behind a cloud and now the tiny pieces of clear sand sparkle like no lawn ever would under normal circumstances. As I lift up about 10 of the small splinters in my hand, they make a soft clear rambling sound. Wow, almost like a handful of diamonds.

Ok, so having the table break sucks. On the flip side, I’ve witnessed something that doesn’t happen everyday, I’ve heard a bird serenading me that I wouldn’t have if I had been cooking, and while we are focusing on the good things, the glass table was rather high maintenance.

PS. If ever you need to know how to best get glass splinters out of your lawn, yours truly will be very happy to share the answer for a very high price 😉


~ by spasmicallyperfect on April 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Diamonds in the grass”

  1. Hey Spaz,
    I read this post this morning and loved it. I love how you can find the sweet note even in a sour tune. The picture is awesome too. I really loved the image of the sparkling lawn as the sun was going down. Great!

    Yes, as I wear my cartoon bandaid (I just refuse to grow out of certain cool kids things) proudly on my finger, I am browsing through new garden furniture options (hm – seems I have expensive taste) remembering that I really did like the set. Did I mention that about two years ago some idiot stole one of the chairs off our deck and was so stupid, that he (sorry, females would coordinate) took two bottom cushions rather then one bottom and one back one, so we were technically already down two chairs of the set. You can’t get the set anymore…..oh well, others get their cars bumped into or are cheated on e-bay. We all loose from time to time……. but they can never beat us, right?

  2. PS. If ever you need to know how to best get glass splinters out of your lawn, yours truly will be very happy to share the answer for a very high price

    I’m thinking a decent shop-vac would do the trick.
    Nice post, SP.
    Sometimes it’s the little insignificant things that get us through the rough days.
    Thanks for reminding us to look and listen.

    Well THANKS!!! I don’t even want to know how long it took you to a) think about the shop vac option (at least I came to the conclusion before it got dark – and I have the handicap of being blonde) and b) decide to spoil my great ‘get my money back for a new set’-idea! You owe me one, a big one! 😉

  3. Awww. . . your nice glass table broke? That stinks. But a bird serenading you, thats really cool! I don’t think I have every had glass splinters, its only been the wooden kind from decks, when i am walking around barefoot and loose pieces of wood in the tech room.


    Ouch, yes that’s not really pleasant at all (I can confess to you (shhhhh!) that I had the bright idea of wearing worn flip flops while cleaning up the mess and of course one of the splinters went right through one of them into my foot).
    What did you learn from that?
    (Assuming the tec room is in your home) That the parents need to be reminded to keep innocent feet safe! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by Hannah!

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