Haiku Adventure


One of my creative inspirations was herself inspired to try writing some Haikus (she does absolutely great, click on Sarah Flanigan in my blogroll and you’ll see) and since then I’ve been pacing back and forth infront of  this big imaginary sign that reads

 “Try out! Think you can do it? If successful will be rewarded with endless poem opportunities”

halfway annoyed but still kinda intrigued (as with any challenge I am faced with).
My last bit of resistance was broken when Sarah decided to write a Haiku especially for me, for there was no other way of saying thankyou then trying to send her one back. After staring at a blank page that seemed to get blanker by the minute, I finally arrived. Then I took a break and the next thing I know: I am scribbling haikus during my lunch! Since these are my first and probably last ones (I am still not sure I get the whole idea), I felt they deserved a spot on this platform:

Gloomy sky, mid-day.
Empty chairs, forgotten park.
Wish you were here too.


Warm pencil in hand,
head full with bubbling ideas.
Gentle sound of lead.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on April 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “Haiku Adventure”

  1. oh spaz, these are fantastic. you can paint a picture with these words that is so vivid, i nearly sat down on that lonely bench.

    ‘gentle sound of lead’ like joy to a writer’s heart – i love that sound.

    brava my dear! you are indeed a

    and your gift to me was just beautiful. thank you.

    haiku-ist….. hm…. I like the sound of that on my resume 🙂 . Thanks for the feedback as always Sarah. Wondered whether people would get the ‘gentle sound of lead’ but who am I kidding, I’m surrounded by writers 🙂 . And you are more then welcome.

  2. Haiku are great vehicles aren’t they? It’s amazing how the ultimate distilled writing that is haiku can capture so much of a day in our lives.


  3. You can see some startling haiku from the With Words haiku competition here: http://www.withwords.org.uk/results.html

  4. Continue the haiku adventure and consider entering our haiku competition for good causes: http://www.withwords.org.uk/comp.html

    all my best,

    Alan, With Words

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