A gift in the fog

I smelled grass this morning

Maybe not new green grass

But the type of grass that

Has laid buried for months

Underneath layers of winter,

Now a light brown ground cover

That with the morning fog’s

Tiny drops of water rising

Pulls my memory back

To my childhood years

And playing in the hay

While the rain falls outside the barn.


As the train continues its way

Into the big busy city

I smile back at the sun

Thankful for a new day

And the little surprise

It had in store for me this morning,

A gift that I can carry with me

Until my train returns once more

To the country side

Where I belong.


For more great country and nature shots see: http://loudounlandscapes.com/pastoral/2006_01_01_loudounlandscapes_archive.html 


~ by spasmicallyperfect on March 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “A gift in the fog”

  1. i love those first signs of spring. there is nothing else quite like it. as though life is helping to shake us out of our own hibernation. lovely.

    Yes. What I also love is how you take the time to add comments to posts that have none. Thank you Sarah.

  2. Wonderfully poignant images.
    I can even smell the hay…
    I really enjoy the way you blend words into art.

    Thank you Michael, being able to transport readers into my images is probably the greatest gift I can get. Also glad that you aren’t one of the stubborn ones 😉 (in a good way that is 🙂 .

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