Just when we thought we had them figured out

The Swiss are said to be experts in crafting precision instruments such as watches.  Another word that often pops up in the country’s description is “neutral”.

Both those adjectives were challenged a few days ago when a regiment of the Swiss army took a wrong turn and marched right into neighbouring Lichtenstein. Once they realised their mistake, they made a hasty return however could not escape the jokes of the international Press. There were no political consequences as Lichtenstein gracefully downplayed the mistake and chose not to take any further action in the matter.

Two thoughts:
a) Somehow I have a feeling that there aren’t many neighbouring countries that would be able to handle an honest (if embarrasing) mistake without blowing it out of proportion.
b) There aren’t many countries smaller than Switzerland, but if Switzerland did feel the need to invade a country, Lichtenstein being smaller would probably be an easy target. Well, at least now they know the way……. unless they end up in Austria that is……


~ by spasmicallyperfect on March 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “Just when we thought we had them figured out”

  1. Hey I didn’t read that! Could it be I need glasses or do we have press censorship here after all.

    Check the BBC press, but it was pretty much all over. I thought Dad didn’t mention anything because he was too embarrassed 🙂 . No, it was for sure in “Blick” because that’s the newspaper that was quoted. Who knows, with that source maybe it’s not true at all……..

  2. I first heard of Lichtenstein from the movie A Nights Tale, how sad is that? The Australian guy (blond deliciousness) Heath Ledger played Sir Ulrich Von Lichtenstein.

    This isn’t much of a comment about history and war as it is a silly comment about how I first heard of this area.

    I’ve got to come to this blog more often. Your poetry is amazing.


    Giggle, yes, I’ve seen that one more then once, find it quite entertaining. Hey, it was a silly post about a silly occurence which really doesn’t change the world at all, so your comment more then fits.
    Good to see you around again Austin, and thanks for the compliment. You’re always welcome. Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Well, I guess when you’re as small as Lichtenstein, you learn how to be graceful. 😉


    Yes, maybe there just glad to have made the news 🙂 .

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