Saving lifes is just not profitable (for Pharmaceutical companies)

Cancer. A disease that has eaten into our lives to the point that nobody seems to not know of someone who hasn’t passed away due to cancer. We have all in some ways or other contributed to the fight against cancer.

Along comes the discovery that DCA (dichloroacetate) seems to halt the spread of cancer cells. (For those interested in the scientific explanation as well as further information see below link). Of course the medical community reacts rightly with cautious optimism, meanwhile cancer patients are eager to participate in clinical trials since the drug is not new (long used for treatment of rare metabolic diseases) and the side effects are known. DCA tested on lung cancer in rats made the tumors shrink within a short period of time. So although it is by no means proven that DCA will work on humans, there is a good possibility that it might and if it does, with a much less aggressive treatment plan then current treatments.

The hitch in this promising story: There is no funding for any clinical trials because no pharmaceutical company seems interested to invest. Since DCA is no longer patented and can be produced by multiple suppliers it is unlikely to be profitable costing as little as 2$ a dose. In other words, whoever invests will likely not get a return on this.
(As quoted in the National Post, 15.02.07)

As for now scientists are looking to government agencies, no-profit organisations and individual donors to support further research. Wouldn’t surprise me if those non-profit organisations receive donations from pharmaceutical companies…. at least that way there’s a tax saving….


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 27, 2007.

One Response to “Saving lifes is just not profitable (for Pharmaceutical companies)”

  1. this confirms a theory i have about vested interests and diseases becoming cottage industries. how can we get the news out?

    Once I started looking from the newspaper to the internet I realised that word is getting out quite a bit. And hopefully I helped a bit too…..

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