“It’s Change….” (a science poem)


When reading one of Richard Feynman’s books one thought in particular stuck with me.
“A lot of poets think poorly of us scientists because they claim we take the beauty and miracles out of nature by investigating it to the umpth degree. I beg to differ, the more we investigate it the more beauty and miracles we see, so I wonder why there aren’t more poems written within the context of science”. I can’t remember his exact words but something like that.

I have come to enjoy science over the last 2 years and with Feynman’s ‘challenge’ stuck in my head my goal is to venture into trying to combine both. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able  tempt some science minded people to look at poetry/art a bit closer and vice versa.

As an intro, I googled ‘science poems’ and came across this one written by Emma Gorrie from Australia.

“It’s Change . . .”

Mum I don’t want to go to school today,
‘cause I fear our world is in decay.
I feel my teachers are part of the plot,
I’m the only one who sees through the rot.
Scientists are cloning pigs and sheep,
Saying, it’s change – a quantum leap.
Biologists are making stem cells grow,
Saying, it’s change – the way to go.
Geologists are finding cracks in our earth,
Saying, it’s change – predicting it’s birth.
Archaeologists are digging up fossils and bones,
Saying, it’s change – time for clones.
Yes, scientists are causing me great concern,
Giving us kids too much to learn!!!

Emma Gorrie, Year 8
St. John’s College, Dubbo
New South Wales, Australia


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 22, 2007.

5 Responses to ““It’s Change….” (a science poem)”

  1. that is a hilarious poem. good find. and i agree, there are some amazingly beautiful things discovered by scientists. i suppose it is the stereotypical science vs. art thing that he was talking about.
    Well, I guess it’s always easy to point the finger at what you don’t understand…… 🙂

  2. heya! i totally wrote that poem. like 6 yrs ago! haha. i dont really despise science. i love it. i just wrote the poem for a competition. i won. 🙂 (which kinda proves ur point.)
    i honestly do believe the things scientists do are quantum leaps- im all for it.
    god gave us brains capable of the things we’ve done, so y not use them?
    peace out!

    That is so cool! Thanks for visiting Emma. Hope you don’t mind of being ‘published’ here. Hm, my science poem project is going very slowly. I’ve got two draftet out, but I am not happy enough quite yet. Especially based on the experts that I am up against like you 🙂 . I’d love to be back at your age being able to choose science for a study road….. wow…. and yes your brain comment is absolutely true. Welcome and hope to see you around again soon.

  3. So good. The poem is really interesting and even are there to learn for school children.


  5. I want full summary of the poem not the full poem

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