I think I smelled Spring today


Exhaust particles have tinted last week’s snow,
Grey clouds above dirtgrey buidlings standing on darkgrey streets,
an all in all lifeless backdrop to the walking mummies dressed in black,
in midst of them myself, not black but still dark brown, blending in.
But as I pass under naked trees sharing winter’s fashion trend,
I feel a warm, subtle breath, a murmur, a whisper.
As I focus I can see below their bark a hint of new life growing,
as if the Earth could no longer hold back the wave of love
which now shoots up into the trunks of every one of them.
The image last but a brief moment like a snowflake caught on skin
And yet it’s gentle impact incite the dancers in my heart.
I think I smelled Spring today.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 20, 2007.

One Response to “I think I smelled Spring today”

  1. it’s the best – the first whisper of spring.

    Yes, at the same time (and I know I’ll make enemies with this comment 🙂 ), it’s sad. One day of shoveling isn’t enough winter for me…..

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