A true story for Valentine’s day

As part of our cruise entertainment program a Newly Wed game was set up, featuring a young couple on their honeymoon, a couple married for 15 years and another one married for 65 years (Yes, 65 years!), picked from the audience.

The last of the three asked questions was “what was the strangest place where you two  performed the horizontal mambo?”. The showmaster had to explain to the new husband what that even meant (conscious of the children in the audience), then got the following answers:

Honeymooner: “Her mother’s office”
Middle husband: “There were two moments, but she’ll probably pick the car”
65 years married husband (not at all flustered): “There were many.”
Showmaster: “Ok, but give me one”
Husband: “On a ship”
Showmaster: “That’s a broad answer”
Husband: “Well it started out in the bathroom, the shower and then moved to the cabin floor this morning”.
That left the showmaster stunned and the crowd clapping.

The wives come out and answer questions 1 and 2 (oldest couple got every thing right) and then get asked question three. Both the newlywed and the middle wife get it correct. 65 year anniversary wife gets asked and she responds:
“There were many, but I’d say on this ship, somewhere inbetween the shower and the cabin floor.”

Most of the audience had up to that point assumed he had been joking. We should have known better.

As an add on, Question 1 asked where and when they had first met. Couples 1 and 2 didn’t get it quite right (you’d think the newlyweds would remember), but the 65 year anniversary husband answered:
“It was 2pm when I saw her first, on the corner of Main and Churchstreet (I am making the streets up cause I can’t remember), February 14, 1941.”
Needless to say, she said the same thing.

Happy 66st Valentine’s Day to the amazing and inspiring couple!


~ by spasmicallyperfect on February 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “A true story for Valentine’s day”

  1. that was both hilarious and touching. but doesn’t it make sense that a couple who have committed themselves to one another for 65 years would know each other’s souls? wonderful. touching.

    Yes, it does. The more I thought about it, the more logical it became that after 65 years together you would know each other inside out. Nevertheless an inspiring couple.

  2. Wow! that took true love ,stamina,and I’d say a good Geriatrician. Diru

    Haha, yes, although I am sure being positive and in love reduced the doctor’s visits 🙂 .

  3. I hate Valentines Day

    Isn’t that a waste of a day?……

  4. Gotta love couples like that!

    Yes. The cool thing was that on that same cruise there was a couple that had been married for 67 years…. Wow, I’d have to make it to 92 years of age and my husband to 98 in order to accomplish that. That’s ignoring a divorce rate of somewhere inbetween 33 and 50%.

  5. Yes.

    Yes it is.

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