The heart of a Musician

On my way to work
With headphones over my ears,
“Your angels”
lightening my spirit.
I hear your fingers,
Dance across the keys,
See your heart beat
From the back of the stage.

The same heart
I saw 13 years ago,
Sitting at the piano at your parents house.
You’d forgotten I was there,
Lost in another world,
And somehow more real,
Then I’d ever seen you before.
I loved that part of you then,
I still do now.

But the real world,
Wasn’t turning fast enough,
And you struggled to fit in,
Music halls not full enough,
Band members not aligned enough.
The long drives I made
In bad weather to see you play
Weren’t enough to make you truly smile.

I never saw that heart again,
On any of the stages you played,
Only heard about what didn’t happen
In between trying to thankful
For the people who loved you,
Believed in you, even if the world
Was taking its time.
And I watched you sliding.

“Runaway train”
pulls me back to the present,
your solo, a vital part of a balanced whole,
Stands out more then your music ever did before,
When it was all about your way.
I love that heart that I always knew you had,
The heart of a musician that despite his struggles,
Will always come out on top.

I wish I was close enough to see you play now.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on January 18, 2007.

27 Responses to “The heart of a Musician”

  1. Not only is the painting stunning but your poetry is moving and breathtaking.
    I write poetry but not like this, quite moving this poem here. Very nice.

    Thank you Austin. And welcome to spasmicallyperfect. This one was a bit of an adventure, I can relate to it, but I wasn’t sure it would have any kind of effect on others.

  2. I loved it! Did you paint the heart?

    Thank you lolly!
    No, I wish could paint. This was done by a very talented artist named Ann Erpino. Check out her work if you feel like seeing more of her creatings:

  3. googelling around i found this – and despite of being that far away you got so close to my heart… and to my tears. thank you!

    Hey there stranger…… you are welcome, thank YOU. (All I am actually looking for is a band that would put music to my words 😉 ………………. nei, im ernscht, s’isch mir selber noech (basle duetsch) gange.) Big hug your way. (PPS, falls es Dich stoert, nimmi de link zur Band gern wegg, vomene business aspekt: de Itrag bringt pro Tag en Durchschnitt vo 150 ‘hits’, so vowege international presence meini numme…… )

  4. keis problem – aber tue doch dr link no so ihne, dass är funktioniert…;-). und do mir jetz au langsam in usa/gb/de airplay generierä, isch jedes mittel zum internationali presence z’erhöhä natürlich most welcome… always yours spasmically imperfect…

    weiss noed was passiert isch, aber han’s gflickt. Und im Sinn vom Wort, spasmically imperfect gits noed, cause spasmically perfect isch scho slightly imperfect….. 😉

  5. ebbä…;-)

    you make me laugh, haesch scho immer muese s’letscht wort ha 😉 …. and yes I am aware of the contradiction 🙂

  6. I also found this while “Googling around”. What is this site? Is it a venue for writers, or all art? Your words are beautiful and i wish I could write like that, but that’s why I love photography *smile*. I suddenly hope you find a band and I’ll keep my eyes out for those words (they made me cry when I read them). I plan to look more into this site now, and maybe you’ll see a photo by me lighting up your album cover. (It is indeed a small world…)

    Hey Zach,
    welcome to Spasmicallyperfect and thanks for leaving your ‘fingerprints’. This is just another blog on WordPress, I like to write and I like photography, music and art, so in a way yes I guess it all comes together. The writings are mostly mine (except for some quotes and the comments of course). Thanks for the good wishes for a band….well we will see…. I am tone death so somebody else will have to step in 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you around again soon.

  7. thats perfectly beautiful. i am a musician and you have captured my heart wonderfully. i wish you luck in finding a band and in all your future endeavors.

    Thank you and welcome Kristen. I am glad this poems speaks to others, it means a lot to me. Good luck as well in your future, with a heart like this, you’ll do just fine 🙂 . Spaz

  8. Hi…The poem. Its amazing. It was one of those things that make you stop and think. But my thoughts weren’t actual words. They were feelings. I stumbled across this site searghing for ‘hearts’ in googles image search. I am….I don’t know….I’m at loss for words. Thankyou for writing such a heartfelt and beautiful poem. I’m fourteen and I love music. My father is/was a musician. He doesn’t play much anymore. He runs a computer store full time. I kinda picked up after he quit. (Let me re-word that.) I started playing when he started having some much stuff to do that I couldn’t spend time with him. This poetry is pure beauty in itself. I like to write poetry also, but nothing like this. Again, I thank you. I was touched.

    Dear Veda, thank you for stopping by and reading one of my poems. I was touched by your words and thank you also for sharing part of your story. Poems to me are a good way of wrapping up unfinished thoughts and dreams, placing a frame around them so that they have their spot on the memory lane wall. I have a feeling you have written some good ones too and have some more waiting to be written. Who knows maybe I’ll get to hear one some day. Be well and would be a pleasure to see you around again.

  9. this is a beautiful painting and poem. why dont you tell him how you feel about him? what happened? please get back to me. somehow this is very important to me.

    Hi and welcome Carissa. Thank you so much for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed it. He does know how I feel about him, he’s read the poem. We are still good friends, even though I’ve moved continents. And some day soon, I know I’ll make it to another concert, will probably have to pay big bucks for a ticket then 😉 .

  10. Thx for the “muzak” and the words… may I ask where the image comes from? 😉

    This was done by a very talented artist named Ann Erpino. Check out her work if you feel like seeing more of her creatings: At least as far as I know. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your mark crowmanic…..

  11. wow. this poem left an image in my mind that won’t soon go away. it was actually hard to think about afterwards because i could still feel every word finding its place in my heart and soul. it was wonderful and inspiring to read.

    Thank you very much for your kind words Cristina. A poem that lingers is a beautiful thing, enjoy……and welcome.

  12. […] Image credit: Spasmically Perfect […]

  13. Hey,

    great poem, splendid! Like others I stumbled here searching for a heart and I am glad I did. I write also… my blog addy filled in.

    Welcome and thank you for sharing your feedback. Yes, I get many ‘heart’ visitors, it’s a good thing to be visited for 😉 Hope to see you around again sometimes…..

  14. Very nice poem. Just stumbled across it looking for an image of a heart. Wow, really good.

    Thank you and welcome David. I get a lot of people coming by because of the picture, however not everybody stays to read the poem. I am glad you did. Take care SP

  15. I was looking for a picture of a heart and stumbled across your poem. I’m a poet myself and I found this beautiful and inspiring. At the moment I’m in love with a musician and this poem sounds perfect.

    Welcome Liz. I love the fact that people stumble in hear looking for a heart, it set’s the tone. Yes, being in love with a Musician you would very much understand these lines….. all the very best to both of you and thanks for leaving me your comments, I appreciate it.

  16. Thank you so much for so beautifully capturing both the passion and struggles of a musician and the loving and gracious spirit of those who are touched by their music. Music, like your poem and art, is created by opening one’s soul not knowing if it will ever by accepted by those who will hear or see. But when it is received and understood by another, it creates an eternal circle of energy.

    Thank you so much for giving…you have touched the souls of others.

    I am so late in answering this, it’s embarrassing. Welcome Lee Ann and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I very much agree with “created by opening one’s soul not knowing if it will ever be accepted”. I am glad to have contributed to the eternal circle of energy. Thank you so much for sharing. Be well.

  17. This is a good effort to help other readers to appreciate the theme.

  18. I think Liz already said what I was going to say!

    Welcome and thank you dropping in. I’ll take an agreement with Liz’ comment any day! Be well.

  19. Hello. I too was looking for a heart, and I too am in love with a musican. It’s such a hard road, and he is away on tour a lot, and even though he is surrounded by people, it is often a lonely life but for the singing of the violin or the tinkling of the ivories. Your poem is beautiful and really resonated with me. You capture the soul so wonderfully.

    Hello Eileen and welcome. Your words reminded me of the lyrics “Home” by Buble. Thank you for stopping by and thanks for having the patience and love to stand by your man while he pursues his dream.

  20. i’d pasted this pic in blog too. hope u dont mind. thanks.

    I don’t. Please don’t forget to mention the artist though, as this isn’t my picture either.

  21. Man that heart is special can u get more heart like that.that’sbeautiful

    Thank you and no I’ll be satisfied with just this one.

  22. thats nice


  23. very nice poem can I copy it and post it in my blog?i like the heart its beautiful ..nice! tc..

    I am a little late in responding. Thanks for the kind words. Please send me your website if you still would like to post it on your blog.

  24. This Poem is the one of the best poem I ever read.

    Wow. Thanks Sarah, that’s a wonderful thing to say. Be well and thanks for coming by.

  25. Hay….
    Googled loving a musician….
    Found your poem….

    And I must say,loving a Musician is the hardest thing to do… The free spirit, the songs written in my living room becoming real on stage… the fears,the dreams…
    The fans….
    The hopes….

    Its so real,living in his fantasy,that sometimes i become lost in my own little world…or his…

    Music…the international language?

    Welcome Mouna. Yes, language knows no boundaries, that’s what so great about it. And regarding loving a Musician, it’s as much a challenge as loving anybody else, maybe different, but still challenging.

  26. I wanna talk to you

    but i don’t think we’ve met

    I don’t think we ever will

    A heart beats in you reaching out

    Do you know how far your reaching to

    a stranger’s words are fond of you

    so fond of you

    A whisper in a poem

    your fire within

    but just a whisper

    make me listen in

    i wanna listen in

    In the night i turn

    waiting for tommorow

    In the night i yearn

    For yesterday

    In the night

    I want your words again

    On fresh ears

    your words again

    But to step in a river

    does the river change

    A new man am i

    In the river strange

    A simple sip

    and my mind’s so changed

    A simple sip

    from the river strange

    • I don’t know where you came from,
      who you are nor what you are intending,
      but seeing these words flowing,
      from a small ripple of mine,
      is like morning sun flooding a room.

      Thank you.

      Plain and simple: thank you.

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