Christmas is less then a week away…..


…. and my poor blog remains rather untouched by the season’s spirit, even though it’s author can’t complain about the lack of Advent happenings.

Although I have been quite successful in keeping up with writing posts, December has been proven to be a challenging month. Work has thrown a few unexpected curveballs on top of the usual rush to make up what I missed to accomplish throughout the year in hopes of finishing strong for a possible bonus. Then there’s the shopping (glad to report that all gifts have been bought, wrapped and some of them even given away a week ago), all cards have been written (yes, I do still believe in writing cards) and posted, we’ve hosted our annual Christmas party for our friends and their kids (the ‘decorate your own cookie’ idea was marvellous, even though I am still not quite sure how the red icing sugar landed on our dog’s face – by the way, that stuff isn’t that easy to clean off and so our Golden Retriever is still walking around wearing her make up proudly), the goal of baking at least 6 different kinds of cookies achieved (yummy, what can I say) and so is the one of being able to master at least 2 Christmas songs on our new guitar (fine, Jingle Bells isn’t that hard, but it still counts), and our Christmas tree and house decorations are all done.

Other then the ‘work’ aspect of it, I have been out to enjoy Christmas drinks with new and old friends, have wandered around the City checking out the various sparkling trees and decorations, have listened to countless new and old Christmas songs and have read and heard some great Christmas stories, fictional or reality based. One of my favourites this year, I found on the blog of  a gifted writer who you can find on my blogroll. If that’s too tedious, click here to get to it directly: .

So despite the fact that I haven’t had much time to write, I am having a great time. As  Christmas and with that the end of year is nearing, I am switching into ‘evaluation mode’. This is resulting in many started posts and as I am sure time will come over the holidays to complete them and maybe even publish a few. 

And for all of you out there who are scrambling to find the perfect gift, remember it’s not about the money, it’s about being personal. Think about what your friend or family member dreams about, maybe more then having, what do they dream of doing, who or what do they dream of being. With a bit imagination you can make a lot happen. Two of my dreams have come true this year thanks to two simple but amazing gifts. I dreamed of becoming a writer/poet and I dreamed of having a book published. I thought it too big a dream to have, but thanks to two special friends and their creativity, they prooved me wrong. And it didn’t cost them much other than a bit of their time and love.

With that I wish you all a safe, peaceful and festive Holiday season, Happy Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy anything else that my ignorance is omitting. And thank you for your many gifts of time and interest that you have honoured me with through Spasmicallyperfect.



~ by spasmicallyperfect on December 20, 2006.

3 Responses to “Christmas is less then a week away…..”

  1. oh spas, how sweet you are to do this. thank you dearest.

    You are welcome.

  2. I have heard (not by machine) that I missed your call and for that I am sorry. What a gift I have missed , its been so long since I have talked with you but never long between the thoughts of you that make me smile. It sounds like you are very much in the Christmas spirit.
    We will most certainly get together in the January once the Commercialism is over and gift each other with conversation over dinner and wine.
    Love you
    My Best to you and Brian
    Enjoy your Christmas

    Hey Sandra! Welcome and thanks so much for writing back. Yes, as I said to Stu yesterday, I haven’t quite managed to get the local Christmas cards out, therefore I have resulted to Christmas calls – still better then e-mails in my opinion -. And no worries, I’ll get ahold of you somehow. Merry Christmas and Happy GO Year, I mean Happy New Year 🙂 !

  3. At last logged in again.Had to brush a tear from my eye after reading your recent entries.Happy Christmas,God Bless.Keep safe.

    Dito. Hope I didn’t ruin your make up 🙂 . Love you, SP.

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