Daily grind vs the meaningful moments in life


It’s one of those days,
where nothing goes as planned,
but deadlines still need to be met,
one of those days where Swiss watches are useless
and where re-prioritising becomes the priority,
one of those days where feet should have
caught up to the evolution of requirements
and have wheels with anticipated breaking mechanisms.

And meanwhile I am running around,
making sure my ‘calming tea’ does not get touched,
I am very thankful for that brief moment this morning
where a homeless gentleman responded to me
passing “your smile just made my day”.
Thank God that I accomplished something meaningful
before getting sucked up in the daily grind.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on December 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “Daily grind vs the meaningful moments in life”

  1. If we could strive for one situation during our busy days like the one here, the world would be a much happier place.


    What a great thought, fits right in with New Years resolutions… but heck why wait until January to fail 🙂 . No seriously, I try to add some value other than my gorgeous looks ( hchm…) to interactions, when things get busy though, I have to keep reminding myself….. hope all is well on your end … Spas

  2. the gift of a smile is highly under-rated.

    it doesn’t pay for food though…. too bad….. what would the world be like if it did.

  3. You know if people were just logical about things no one in the world would be hungry. In the US we actually pay farmers not to grow food and/or to throw it away.

    Billions of dollars are given to charities annually, yet often 50% or more of that money goes for ‘administrative’ costs or the coffers of manical despots and often doesn’t reach those it is intended for.

    even if the U.S. paid farmers to grow the crops it pays them not to and has them ship that food to hungry people – if only in the US – it would solve much in the world.

    Unfortunately, whenever you get governments involved with such things it always goes screwy. What really works is people caring and reaching out on an individual basis. To me, that is what makes the real difference.

    oohh, politics and social issues, I’d love to comment more. Am a little short of time, but I’ll get back to you on this one.

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