Christmas at the Old Chapel

Christmas carols
Escape through the
Stone walls of the old chapel
Embedded in the heart
Of the forgotten village.

The songs are carried
By deep strong voices
And softened by the
Innocence of children’s soprano
Adding tunes almost forgotten.

The luring sounds of the city
Had called away the young,
Promising fulfilling opportunities while
Drowning the sound of church bells
That once had filled their hearts.

But every year at Christmas,
A longing for the sounds of the old chapel
and the warmth of the memories
shared with the ones they loved,
cannot be ignored.

And so Christmas carols
Will continue to burst
Through the stonewalls of the old chapel
Embedded in the heart of a forgotten village
But forever lasting in the hearts of its children.


~ by spasmicallyperfect on December 8, 2006.

One Response to “Christmas at the Old Chapel”

  1. Comfort in remembering tradition.
    Not sure why I like these words so much, but I do.


    Yes, tradition can be so much more then what I usually rebel against 🙂 .

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